July 17, 2024

Every Cloud Computing Technology Has Its Possible Security Risk

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The cloud computing is an expression that is used to describe various computing concepts that involves large number of computers that are connected through a real-time communication network like internet. Actually it is a distributed computing over network and is means to run a program through connected computer at the same time. However, the growing popularity of the cloud computing has drawn attention towards the security challenges involved in it. The risk increases as the physical resources are shared between the potentially non-trusted users resulting in risk of side channel attacks. The service has become so popular that it is used to sell hosted services for application service provisioning and to run client server software from any remote location.

Secure Data Transfer

In order to build a secure and trusted environment in the cloud computing infrastructure, the cloud designer must address these issues for several authorization requirements. User must possess authorization key for the cloud computing authorization.

Secure Stored Data

The side channel attacks are one of the most daunting challenges faced by the industry. Side channel attacks are scheduled on the information based on the physical implementation, like time or bandwidth monitoring attacks. This arises mainly due to the lack of proper authorization mechanism used for sharing physical resources. This mainly occurs due to the interference among the tenants due to covert channels with the flawed access control policies that allows for the unauthorized flow of information.

Data Separation

To support distributed environment, the cloud infrastructure allows both vertical and horizontal policy interoperation for the service. Due the heterogeneous nature of the cloud, service policy and resources may use the different models requiring seamless interoperation among the policies. These policies must be specified and verified correctly. A SLA can provide secure partnership and makes sure that it is provided according to pre-defined rules.

User Access Control

The cloud computing users have access to the comprehensive set of APIs or software interfaces to execute internal communication with the server virtualization services. These APIs plays important role in orchestration, monitoring, provisioning and monitoring under cloud environment. It is highly recommended to monitor the authentication process and other associated encryption to prevent any attack. There are few ways through which these malicious attacks can be prevented.

1.By doing security model analysis of the cloud APIs
2.Strong authentication and access controls
3.Chain evaluation of API dependency

Secure Software Interfaces

There are also inside threats and attacks. These kinds of attacks are done mainly due to lack of transparency in the cloud provider’s delivery procedure and mechanism. Any prior command over the access level can leave to various disadvantages like organized business threat and corporate hacking in the business verticals. These attacks can be prevented by applying information security to overall system and by establishing an effective breach notification process.

Understanding the Risk of Cloud

There are risks threats for both the cloud service providers and customers. The industry is currently taking effective steps to cover the effect of the security threat in the cloud computing architecture. Many organizations are now following comprehensive approach to manage cloud computing services.

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