July 15, 2024

How Cloud Is Safer and More Effective Than DYI Methods Of Data Storage?

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How Cloud Is Safer and More Effective Than DYI Methods Of Data Storage?

There are various reasons, security and cost being the major ones, that have kept numerous organizations and individuals away from cloud computing. Sometimes, I get a feeling that the term ‘cloud’ itself has not helped the cause as it is quite vague and unclear. If you are skeptical about cloud computing, I would advise you to imagine it as a safe deposit locker and then go through the following points:

Security of Data

Imagine for a moment that you possess an expensive diamond necklace and other forms of jewelry. You can take all the possible measures to protect your assets like having a watchman or a high-quality security system; however, there might still be some security loopholes as other people also visit your house and there can be more than one entrance. You would naturally feel that your jewelry is comparatively safer in a bank locker than your home because a professional institution surely has greater resources to take the required measures.

Similarly, when you store your data on cloud, your data is not placed in your office or home. Your data can neither be stolen nor destroyed through any means such as fire or water. Big cloud service providers adopt the latest techniques to ensure best possible safety of your sensitive information.

How Cloud Is Safer and More Effective Than DYI Methods Of Data Storage?


Can you afford to pay for costly cameras or hire people to keep an eye on your important documents all the time? I don’t think 99 percent of people can do that. However, most people can easily pay the fee of a safe deposit locker, where they can put their precious assets as well as crucial documents.

In the same way, instead of taking steps to make your data securer, pay some amount to get a reliable cloud service.

Access to Data

Access to anything, be it your asset or an important piece of information, is one of the most vital elements of the modern world. Let’s assume that you have put an important paper in a safe at home and you need that paper all of a sudden while you are out of city. What would you do in such a scenario? I don’t think it is possible to ask a friend to enter your house and access the safe. However, by having multiple keys of a safety deposit locker in a bank, it would be a lot easier for a trusted friend to access that paper and send that to you.

If anything, cloud offers greater accessibility as time and physical location are no barriers in cloud computing.

Convenience of Making Changes

If you have a safe at home and you need greater space in future, you would either have to buy a bigger safe or will have to spend a lot to make it more spacious. On the other hand, if you ever think that your existing safety locker at a bank is not big enough for you, all you have to do is to apply for a bigger one. Likewise, if you need greater storage capacity at any time, your cloud service provider will not have any objection in making changes to your contract.

These are a few reasons why cloud is now widely regarded as the safest and most effective method of storing data by most technology experts around the world.