June 24, 2024

3 Factors to Consider Before Choosing a PaaS

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Implementing cloud as a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) allows a firm to boost the pace of its IT progress for competing sharply and tapping the power of new business opportunities. This is possible because PaaS utilizes cloud computing for delivering all services as well as resources required to develop and run applications. The vendor of PaaS takes care of resource-related activities such as upgrades, server administration, and operating system patches due to which development time, expenses, and complexity are reduced. This means developers can give more attention to more creative and highly prioritized actives.

In the world of management cloud software service models, PaaS-based ones are relatively new. So, one way to differentiate amongst them is to simply focus beyond the factors of application development and consider the cycle of an application, entailing the factors required for business success. This will offer you an analytic framework to find out which kind of setup is suitable for your business. In this case, you will have to consider some major factors that are discussed below so that you can make the right selection.

Personalized Development

Considering this factor will enable you to find out whether you will be able develop apps that work as per your business users or not. A majority of the businesses depend on efficiently integrated processes. For instance, managing customer relationships is chiefly the job of marketing and sales, but it also affects inventory and distribution workflows. Such associations in any business indicate that business apps never run in isolation. Therefore, developers require such a cloud platform that can facilitate them to design applications that incorporate business processes due to which they become more usable by the internal users. Only this can raise the chances of business success.


This is where you have to find out whether it is possible to design apps as per modern business scenarios or not. It is a basic need for any application to solve any problem or trigger new opportunities. Well, fulfilling any of the two needs is probably one of the most difficult challenges that cloud developers have to encounter. However, choosing the most apt cloud platform can show wonders. This is because such a platform facilitates swift application development at a very reasonable cost. This means quick building at relatively less efforts. Moreover, the developers can build apps as per the current market trends. For example, developers are converging cloud computing, social networking, and mobility that are triggering many new opportunities. For example, consider a small stationary store that scans social media data from an onlooker’s mobile phone and provides discount coupons according to the stationary he likes. This will obviously bring the new customer to the store.


A particular platform of cloud will only succeed if it allows the users to access the biggest possible market. For example, we have seen how more and more consumers are using the apps from Google Play store for their Android phones. With more useful apps available, the platform is also bound to get successful. Is there anything to doubt?

Bio: Steve Simpson is a team leader in one of the most famous IT firms in New Jersey. He has over five years of experience in offering enterprise software solutions. Steve is now working on management cloud software for his one of the most difficult client to deal with. He has taken this as a challenge because it is really very difficult to convince the client in case any of his requirements are not fulfilled. In order to ensure that all the client requirements are fulfilled, Steve has started researching on the various topics related to the cloud technology. 

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