May 30, 2024

The Marvels of Cloud Computing

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Cloud Computing is a term that has flourished as the latest technical term in this science world. The term actually refers to computer tasks performed entirely over the internet. It is a platform for applications that are used to store documents, photos, videos and other important data online instead of hosting such tasks on one’s computer. The files hosted by cloud computing can be accessed by any device that has an internet connection. This allows the user to have access to his/her computer from anywhere on earth if he/she has internet connection on his/her device.

The term “Cloud” refers to the internet because a cloud shape is used to represent the internet in flow chart diagrams. A grid computing application is approximately same as cloud computing.

 Web Servers And Devices That Use Cloud Computing

Some of the best cloud service based mailing services such as Microsoft Outlook, offer cloud computing applications in forms of Sky drive and Google drive. There are many other applications like Dropbox and i-cloud that are cloud storage applications. Apple uses I-cloud in all its products. All these products use i-cloud computing system.

Microsoft launched sky drive that is capable of storing and sharing document files, photos and videos etc. and can be shared between computers. Microsoft outlook uses sky drive as one of its application that allows user to access many applications including the mail and messenger at a single place.

These applications are used for online storage and could be shared easily online from one computer to another. All of these offer 2 to 25 GB of storage memory and even more based on their plans. The data stored in cloud can be accessed from any computer that is connected to internet regardless of the kind of software or hardware specifications of that computer.

Benefits Of Cloud Computing

There has been remarkable augmentation in cloud computing in the last few years. There is no such brand in today’s market that does not offer cloud computing application in its device whether it is Nokia, Samsung, ipad or any web servers like Hotmail or Google mail. Even Microsoft office has started using cloud storage for storing word, excel etc files online. With the launch of the new Office 365 the applications on cloud have become more comfortable and trendy.

The most beneficial thing regarding cloud computing is that one has no worries of losing data if his computer or device gets corrupt or any kind of defect occurs in the hard drive that destroys the hardware storage device. The cloud computing application stores data online so there is nothing to bother about losing your data until and unless you forget your password for accessing the web app.

This application provides incredible suppleness for mobile workers. It makes professionals able to work from anywhere as long as they have access to internet.

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