July 18, 2024

Why Co-location Data Centre Is Critical For Your Business and Its Continuity

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Due the advent of fast internet, more and more users are coming online to search for the products and services they are looking for. This allows the end-user to buy their favorite products and services from the comfort of their home without much hassle. This turn in the user`s behaviors has made business owners realize the importance of being online 24/7, 365 days a year. Online shopping websites, educational platforms, financial services websites, practically never sleep now, and users are able to access their services anytime of the day. Imagine if you wanted to make a business transaction from one bank to another, and you had to wait till morning to go to bank and perform the transaction. People are now used to of online applications and if your business is not available online, you are missing serious money on the table.

  • Importance of Business Continuity

A few years back organizations (small or big) were performing their business operations during the working hours only and users or customers knew that they won’t be able to serve them after the working hours. But now, the things have changed, people are able to use the internet banking service to perform banking tasks, even if the banking hours are over. Therefore it has become very critical for businesses to provide continuous service to their customers in this competitive environment to stay one step ahead of their rivals.

For some businesses, even a downtime of few seconds can cause a severe damage of up to 1000s of dollars and therefore the organizations are very serious regarding the accessibility and availability of their data centre. And Co-location Data Centre serves this requirement quite efficiently in a cost-effective fashion.

  • How Continuity is achieved?

The goal of any data centre and specially Colocation Data Centre is to provide the 100% uptime with fast service. In order to achieve this, companies have deployed systems of millions of dollars to ensure this required 100% uptime. One of the most common examples an equipment that helps in continuity of service even if the power fails, is UPS.  Even though UPS does not keep your system running forever, but it allows sufficient time to shut the system up properly. On-site generators play a vital role in this regard as well; in fact most of the bigger Co-location Data Centre companies don`t depend on utility companies at all. Continuity is critical not only because it reduces the loss of revenue, but you can also have some serious data loss which is far more important than money due to system failure or server`s down time.

  • What Role Co-location Data Centre Plays?

Even if a company is willing to spend unlimited money to get 100% availability of the servers, it is beneficial to get the Co-location Data Centre instead of having your own dedicated on site data centre. Not only will this increase the ROI to a great extent, but it reduces the overall headache of the businesses as well, as they don’t have to worry about the data centre`s maintenance issues anymore.

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