July 17, 2024

Creating A Career Out Of A Hobby: How to Start A Career and Business In Gaming

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Creating A Career Out Of A Hobby: How to Start A Career and Business In Gaming

Nowadays, video games are no longer a hobby. It has become a lifestyle for some people, while it has become a business for a few others. It’s a place where people can create their own identity, and eventually, their legacy. It can be a full-career or business where people can earn billions of dollars in a couple of years. However, no one truly knows where to start their career in this kind of industry.

This article will talk about the steps you need to take to start a career in the video gaming industry. But first off, we must talk a bit about the video game industry.

The Modern Video Game Industry

Video games aren’t a hobby anymore. For most business-oriented people, it’s a billion-dollar sector that will dominate the world. Many tech giants have seen the potential of video games, and some of the software used in them is being used by other dominant markets such as marketing. It has a diverse landscape with so much room for growth. The best part of this industry is that anyone can join it!

Immerse Yourself in Gaming

You can’t become successful in the industry if you don’t become a gamer yourself. Sure, you can choose to take up a more managerial position instead, but where’s the fun in that? The most successful video game developers have gamers because they know what gamers want. They can quickly give it to them.

To immerse yourself fully into the industry, you’re going to need the equipment for it. You want to avoid consoles because they won’t help you in making video games in the future. They’re primarily meant for entertainment and not for work. But a custom gaming PC can be used for all sorts of work-related activities. Even if you don’t end up creating a career out of gaming, you’re still going to be using your PC, making it a worthwhile investment.

Once you’ve invested your time and money in video games, it’s time that you start growing your connections. There are two ways you can do this: writing about video games or developing one yourself.

Video Game Journalism

Video game journalism is one sub-sector of the video game industry that has more room for growth. Many of the giants in this sub-sector have started their careers by writing on their blogs regarding their opinions about video games. You can start your career by doing the same!

You can start by writing reviews and deep-dives into various video games for respected video game websites such as IGN, Gamespot, and Kotaku. You might have to write for free during the first few months of your career, but once you’ve earned their trust and respect, they can start giving you review codes. Technically, this will give you access to free games so that you can review them.

You’re going to have to write a lot, and you’re going to need to build your connections. But once you’re known well enough in the industry, you can start making your own path and maybe create your own business in the future.

Indie Video Game Developer

This is for those who have the knack and patience for creativity. Becoming an indie video game developer is no easy feat, but one that is feasible given today’s modern technology.

You have access to every software you need to make your own video game. You can learn how to make one through online classes such as Udemy, or you can dive yourself. Various software such as RPG Maker on Steam even have the fundamentals made for you, so all you have to do is experiment with video game design without a single idea about programming.

Aseprite can be a place where you can create pixel-related assets for your video game. You can also use Unity Engine if you want more pixels in your design. So technically, you have everything you need to create a video game. It’s all about trial and error from here on out. You don’t necessarily have to dedicate all your time to it. Some indie developers, such as those who made million-dollar video games, such as Celeste, did it on the side.

Creating a career or business in the video game industry is no easy task. But once you’ve immersed yourself into the world of gaming and have a directed path ahead of you, you can start making your way there. Of course, it’s going to take a lot of trial and error on your part, but at least you’ll be enjoying yourself every single step of the way.

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