May 30, 2024

Google Drive: Stepping in the Exact Course

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After Google’s latest launch in the market, Google has once again created new dimensions of technology. The name of this new launch is “GDRIVE”. This new technological advancement have raised many eye brows and have created a forceful impact in the world of cloud computing. When we talk of cloud computing and its affiliation with Google, then Google docs cannot be ignored as it has been the most effective and efficient and the same time a primary cloud computing service of Google.

What it has:

GDrive seems to have evolved due to the competitors who came as dangerous bulls in the world of cloud computing. The major advantage these competitors had over Google was due to their beautiful, user-friendly interfaces, but Google tried to come up with something different and that was its fully integrated support with Google docs and apps, which is also one of the major Gdrive’s strength. This strategy of Google has made an edge in the market over its challengers and competitor. The fact that the integration of Gdrive with apps and docs makes storage easier haven’t appealed to many users, as it has also developed a negative feeling amongst users that it is the necessity of conversion for few types of files, since users always go for products that are user friendly no matter what else a certain product offers. Dropbox that is known to be one of the most popular rivals of Gdrive and has made the quickest upload service for users whereas Gdrive lacks a lot in this feature.

Gdrive wins the race when it comes to the security of information and data in cloud computing. Security and privacy of information in cloud computing has always been an issue and needs to win the hearts of consumers. There has been a lack of belief amongst a normal consumer regarding cloud computing and this is where Gdrive has tried to cash in as it is much more reliable and safer when it comes to storage and security of information or data.

What it lacks:

Gdrive like rest of all the cloud computing services or products lacks in transferring or moving of large amount of data which makes a major drawback for all the cloud computing services including GDrive. GDrive has increased its storage capacity to 5 GB which is double the storage capacity provided by other service providers of cloud computing, but this strategy will not be enough to attract many customers.

So what can be done?

Gdrive overall is a product that needs innovation but at the same time has the capacity to win over its customers as it has been brought into the market with some exciting but temporary features. Gdrive will have to think out of the box to really attract users to their services for longer periods of time, till they become loyal.

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