May 30, 2024

Online Exam System: The Future of Examination

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Looking at the current situation across the world, COVID-19 has led to the major changes in the lifestyle of the people. When the time has come to maintain social distance from the people than how it is possible to carry out the work routine. But don’t worry technology has helped us to overcome this problem as well. The online examination system is one of the ways that can help every educational institute in taking the exam of the students so that the so work of them gets stuck because of this pandemic.

Many of the educational institute’s many hindrances in managing this system, even there are chances that the administration is not aware of this already. But looking at the current situation the adaption of this technology has become very important. Because this piece of technology is not accepted today it will have a long effect on the future of the students. And don’t worry regarding this technology, it will not let you down in any case. This online examination system is based on artificial intelligence and the most highlighting part of this technology is that it has the proctoring technology that is so efficient in working that it can detect any malpractice taking place in the exam.


There are so many ways of malpractices that can happen while taking an online exam. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Impersonation: in this, the student can find any impersonator that will give an exam on his behalf. Even they can forge their admission cards. This is one of the common ways of unfair practices that can be carried when the exam is held online. So this is the reason why the educational institutes are skeptical about the identity of students in the exams
  • Suspicious behavior: when a student is at home and is supposed to appear for the exam, there can be chances that the people around him like his family and friends will try to help him with the answers by hiding themselves from the web cameras. This is also a reason of concern for the authorities while conducting an online exam.
  • External help: today every one of us is having smartphones and everyone knows how to use it whether the person is a small kid or old gentleman. So in the online exams, students can use their smart gadgets to give exams. Even they can go on other windows to search for the right answers. This is one of the biggest hampers of malpractice that is carried on while giving exam
  • Easy navigation: even the system used for taking the exam can be easily accessed by some smart moves. they can connect themselves to the external storage where they can easily have a hand on the question that is to be asked in the exam. Like this way this malpractice will help them to score very well in the exams.


So these are the practices that are to be stopped while conducting the online exam. Now let’s have a look at how this online examination system helps in preventing the online exam from all these malpractices. There are various technological developments done in the system so that it can cope with any such situation of cheating.

  • 3-step authentication: this is the very first step against all these practices of cheating. Here the student has to click their photo, upload it and their identity proof, and the share their registration details. The proctor will verify the photo and the identification proof against the registration details. This will help to solve the problem of impersonation.
  • Proctoring: in online exam software this is the main feature that makes them so successful. This is an artificially based program that acts as the antidotes against the malpractices of the cheating. In this, the system keeps a continuous check on the students that are appearing for the exam. It has the auto flags that keep a continuous check on the smartphones, any person helping from the background. The live proctoring acts as the human invigilator but it is far more efficient. As it gives an alert in case of any suspicious activity detected by it while in the exam. If any activity goes on repeating it automatically cancels or disqualifies the person from the exam.
  • Secure browser: once the university or any college buys any system or the app or website, it automatically secures the browser from the students. It makes sure that no screen recording or screen sharing is happening while in the exam.

This is how the system is made with so many technological advancements that will enable them to cope with all the challenges that come across. So it is safe and secure for the educational institutes to rely on this software for conducting exams in this era of social distancing. Let’s have a look at the advantages of this system.

  • Conduct exams seamlessly: it is a very simple way to conduct exams, the teachers need to make the questionnaire online. The scheduling of the exam is done, and the students need to appear at the scheduled. Usually, the question is MCQs or short answer based. Even with the help of this software quick results are also prepared that make the work much easier.
  • Scalable platform: it is not like the exam based on pen and paper. These type exams cut short many expenses of conducting the exam. There is no botheration of preparing a test center or arranging the invigilator for the exam. All the work is done in the system. So, there is only a need to install this to conduct exams efficiently.
  • More secure: through the online system the exam conducted is more secured than giving exams in the test centers. The proctoring services enable the detection of all types of malpractices that can take place while conducting the exam.


So, from these benefits, this thing is very much clear that the online exam software is very helpful software that makes our work much easier. And it is not wrong if we say that it is the future of the examination.


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