May 28, 2024

What to Look for When in Need of Metal Fabrication

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Metal fabrication is a process in which metal is pre-cut and shaped. The parts can also be chemically treated or welded to other pieces. Metal fabrication is a specialized and increasingly vital industry, so here is what to look for when sourcing a metal fabricator.


1. Experience

Evidence of prior fabrication projects is a vital component in the fabricator’s portfolio. The more projects, the better. A fabricator may also have a history of experience with your type of product or process. Experienced fabricators have well-documented procedures for what to look for and how to avoid mistakes.


2. Documentation

All fabrication work should be supported by a document that outlines the steps taken to create your piece of metal or plastic. This documentation will include how the fabricator figured out what kind of metal or plastic is needed and how to work with it. Fabricators can use CAD programs to create a visual representation of your piece and the steps involved. Draftsmen will be able to determine if there are any flaws or weaknesses in the final product.


3. A Good Reputation

Fabricators who have been in business for a while may have developed a good reputation in their industry and from their clients. They can also provide references from previous jobs and customers who will attest to their quality of work. Metal fabrication is a fairly specialized industry, and fabricators who have been around for longer than just a few years know what they’re doing and will be able to provide you with a better-finished product.


4. Local and State Licensing

Metal fabricators may have to get specific licenses from the state in which they do business. This information can be found online in the city or state in question. Some areas require metal fabricators to obtain local licenses, especially if they plan on working with explosive metals like steel or aluminum.


5. Credibility

Credibility is always a good reason to choose one fabricator over another. There are many fabricators out there, so it is necessary to be able to tell if they are credible or not. Some tools fabricators may use include providing tax forms, invoices, and delivery logs. All of these tools can demonstrate your credibility and provide the client with evidence that you have done work for them in the past.


6. Certifications

If a fabricator is certifiable, that can be a great way to locate a good metal or plastic fabricator. Some private companies and organizations certify metal and plastic fabrication companies for different projects. Fabricators who have certifications demonstrate their commitment to high-quality work and safety standards.


7. Environment

Metal fabricators need to be environmentally safe. It is important that they have a clear process that ensures any waste produced during fabrication is disposed of safely. Since metal fabrication is illegal in some cases, fabricators who are found to be unethical may not get hired for future jobs.



To ensure that your metal fabrication project is a success, you need to trust the right people. The right fabricators will be able to use the right tools and materials for the job and will know what your end product should look like.




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