May 27, 2024

Windstream Partners With Racemi To Automate Migrations To Its Cloud Infrastructure

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Windstream Partners With Racemi To Automate Migrations To Its Cloud Infrastructure

The leading automated server migration software provider, Racemi has announced that it has been selected by Windstream Hosted Solutions to automate server migrations to its cloud infrastructure. To make this happen, Racemi has made available its flagship migration Software as a Service (SaaS), Racemi Cloud Path. However, the service will be named as Windstream Cloud Path for Windstream customers only.

Windstream had recently been reported with issues of migration from existing Windows and Linux servers to Windstream Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). The company has now facilitated its users with Windstream Cloud Path, which will help users to migrate with ease.

Features of Windstream Cloud Path

Cloud Migration is a lengthy process that might take even weeks, if carried manually. With automated procedures, Windstream Cloud Path allows users to skip manual application migration and streamline an entire cloud server migration project in comparatively less time.

Besides that, the process of migration manually or rebuilding from scratch in the cloud means a significant level of expense. The Windstream Cloud Path addresses this critical issue by saving over $800 per server for consumers planning to migrate. As the solution entails pay as you go pricing system, you do not have to spend extra money like you do in long term contracts.

Windstream Cloud Path will introduce certain regulations in cloud migration including Live Capture and Central Processing Unit (CPU). These features ensure a smooth transfer of data without experiencing any data loss or downtime.

Windstream Partners With Racemi To Automate Migrations To Its Cloud Infrastructure

How would this Solution benefit Windstream Hosted Solutions?

Originally titled as Racemi Cloud Path, this solution is the most acclaimed cloud migration utility across different regions. By incorporating Racemi’s Cloud Path, Windstream could fast-track the process of server migration without affecting the operations of their customers. With the migration process going automated, production server stays up and running while the data transfer is carried in the background. Senior Vice President of Windstream data center operations, Chris Nicolini said that Racemi’s Cloud Path was selected after the evaluation of multiple and alternative cloud migration utilities. The reason however was the product’s simplicity and hassle-free computing.

How would this New Alliance benefit Racemi Cloud Migration Software?

Racemi Cloud Migration Software signed the deal with Windstream Hosted Solutions at a very crucial point, when it was seeking further investment to strengthen its sales and operations. The company raised $8.5 million in its latest funding session, according to a Securities and Exchange Commission filing. Of this total amount, $1.5 million was raised in January while the remaining $6 million was raised this month.

For the second time in 2014, Racemi has been selected as a cloud migration partner by renowned IaaS providers. Before this one, Phoenix NAP selected Racemi Software to facilitate customer migrations to its cloud offerings in February. Currently, the migration software has alliances with Savvis, Carahsoft, IBM, CA Technologies, AWS, Cisco, HP, Rackspace, SoftLayer, VM Ware, and Go Grid.

With more of such partnerships, Racemi would competently serve customers in switching their servers from one platform to the other. We will therefore be looking forward for more deals in the coming months.