June 25, 2024

4 Top Reasons Why You Should Use Xamarin For Mobile App Development

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The Microsoft owned Xamarin is applied at developing and writing codes for apps that support multiple operating systems. Nearly 1 million of developers around the world are nowadays using Xamarin technology for building mobile apps. But some developers are still in doubt and they do advocate preferring only native technology of building an application. They believe that Xamarin app development approach cannot match the look and feel of the apps developed with native approaches and thus they continue with native technologies; even if they have to create simple apps and do not require complex functionalities which can only be obtained by native technologies. No doubt native technology is quite expensive and it’s hard for small organizations to make investments in multiple platform versions of single application.

#1. One-time Code

To build an app based on Xamarin, all you need do is get the developers who know how to code in C#. That’s all. No need of different teams of Android developers and iOS developers. No need to stay up-to-date with changes consistently brought in programming languages. No need to learn Java, Swift or Objective-C. Xamarin takes care of everything. All you need to know is C# and you are ready to code an app for multiple of operating systems.

It is always hard for developers to learn all the languages with pro-standard expertise and then code applications. If you are hiring a third-party company to get your app developed, you will need investing for two teams – one for Android and another for iOS. If you also have to build a Windows Phone version, then you will also need to hire a Windows Phone app development team. But with Xamarin, all you need to do is hire an app developer and spend your money only on single app code because 90 – 96% of this code can be reused in the development of other platforms.

#2. Unlimited UI

iOS and Android operating systems have unique appearance, pattern and behavior. While developing an app, mobile developers need to go by them so that the end-product looks similar to other apps on the same platform. Here Xamarin UI proves handier because developers have great choices. Developers don’t have to be dependent on common or standard patterns. They have facility to create any environment as per the requirements as well as the experience they hold. It can simply be done by using drag and drop option of Xamarin.Forms – a cross-platform UI toolkit allowing developers easily creating native user interface layouts that can be shared across Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. It’s not difficult to add native look and feel to apps based on Xamarin. It’s why because the app uses all common services and features for the platforms. This makes an app doesn’t look stranger.

However, Xamarin is designed to create native-like apps as the platform utilized iOS and Android-specific .Net libraries and class which aid developer adding platform specific features to apps.

#3. Minimize the Market Time

When developers use native approaches of app development, they create separate code for separate platform which means they have to do everything twice and may be thrice as per the targeted numbers of platforms. Also they will need doing full testing, and fixing the bugs for each of the platforms.  No doubt the whole course will heavily add to the cost of a mobile app development.

But with Xamarin, there is no need of creating different codes for different platforms. Single code can be implemented to multiple of platforms which simply means that developers will be able to reduce the time to market.

#4. Future-proof technology

For now there are two leading platforms: Android and iOS. These two are the target platforms for most the app development projects. But in future, there is high possibility that we would have other platforms. Companies will need focusing them all and so for their apps too. Xamarin has been created with future development in mind thus it would be easier for developers to extend their apps to newer devices and platforms


Believe it or not but, a large amount of code, written either for Android app or for iOS, is generic and common. On the other hand, clients have to pay for that code too. But with Xamarin, this case just doesn’t exist. Clients have to pay only for the development of single code. This is one big reason developers now prefer using Xamarin for mobile app development.

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