July 17, 2024


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There are so many different programming languages out there, and their sheer number can easily confuse our outright intimidate one who is trying to learn how to code but do not know which out of the many different languages they should take up first to learn the basics of coding. For beginners to programming with limited or no experience at all taking up a coding project, rather than tackling more complicated languages such as C++ straight on, dynamic languages provide a much better option. The reason behind this argument is that because dynamic programming languages are easy to read as their structures are pretty similar to that of the English language, and it is therefore easier to learn and understand the logic behind them, even if you consider yourself to be a complete beginner. Not only that, dynamic programming languages can also be so fun and rewarding to learn. This is because dynamic languages in general are considered to be high-level languages, meaning that instead of spending all your time painstakingly attempting to write picture-perfect lines of codes, you are geared more towards the understanding of programming languages. In simpler terms, this means that you will be able to create a simple program from scratch in no time at all to see the results of your hard work, and this can be such a rewarding experience.

One of the most popular dynamic programming languages that are also most commonly recommended for beginners at coding to learn is Python, which is named after the show Monty Python. There are many uses for this particular programming language, capable of building web applications as well as desktop applications, among many of its function. It is also a full-fledged programming language, so it comes equipped with many great tools for you to use once you get the hang of the basics. Python is especially popular to build data mining applications, which is why it is widely used in the field of data analysis. The apps created using this programming language is also very versatile, and many major websites including Google, Instagram, and Reddit has been developed using it.

If you are more concerned with frontend development, then you might want to look into the programming language known as Javascript, which is also considered to be one of the most widely used and popular languages. It is commonly used to develop interactive web applications, although it is also possible for you to create mobile applications using it with the right tools. One of the downsides of JavaScript is how it is less beginner-friendly than, say, Python or Ruby, as it is untyped and therefore might be difficult to debug if you are new to programming. If you are still intending to learn JavaScript, then you might look into TypeScript or JSX, which are variants of JavaScript that are statistically typed. They are also used by Facebook’s own React Native, which allows developers to create mobile applications natively using JavaScript.

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