April 19, 2024


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While dynamic programming languages are more suited for beginners who are learning how to code, statistically typed languages such as Java and C are generally considered to be more stable and more easily to maintain than dynamic languages. While it is true that they usually have far stricter rules compared to dynamic languages and that it can take far longer to build an application or even a prototype using statistically typed programming languages, knowledge on these languages is highly desirable in job market of software development. These languages are also one responsible for game engines and enterprise backends used all over the globe.

Arguably the most popular and widely used languages among other statistically typed programming language is Java, which has been used in more than seven billion devices all over the world and us the language of choice for more than nine million developers. One of the biggest appeals of Java is its function as a general purpose language, allowing it to be used for anything from developing mobile games to the development of enterprise-level backends of Fortune 500 companies. In fact, nine out of ten Fortune 500 companies are indeed using Java for their backed development. Java also serves as the basis of a framework to process big data used and implemented by many big names of technological enterprises, including Facebook and Amazon.

Aside from Java, another incredibly powerful programming language used to program anything from system software to game engines to web application is C++, which is based on the language C. C++ is not only powerful, it is also fast, so it is no wonder to know that that quite a lot of different softwares you might be using regularly or even on a daily basis has been built using this particular programming language. The list includes Adobe System and Google Chrome, and many more. However, while it is true that C++ is a powerful and versatile language and that it is often chosen as the programming language of choice in many introductory computer science classes, it can be difficult for beginners to learn it by themselves.

If you are a beginner interested in learning C, then you might want to check out Swift instead. This programming language is also built on C by Apple, but compared to other C-based languages such as Objective-C or C++ it is easier for coding beginners to pick it up as it is largely inspired by the beginner-friendly Python, making it so much more readable than other statically typed languages. Learning Swift is also a good thing if you are planning to learn how to build an application for the iOS mobile operating system, as it being developed by Apple means that it can build iOS applications natively. It is also compatible with Objective-C, which is the one commonly used for iOS development but more difficult to learn for beginners and which comes with certain issues that the Swift programming language is designed to fix.

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