May 30, 2024

How to Achieve Excellent Organic Search Result?

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Natural or organic search result is essential if we want to maintain long term traffic from search engines. Our position in search engine results are determined by a number of factors. It is important to make sure that our website stays visible for users and we need to prioritize on different factors that can help us maintain good position. Pay per click advertising can be used early after the website recently launched, but it could be very expensive to rely on it for years. Organic traffic can be obtain more easily if we have aged domain name. If our website has been registered 10 years ago, it is much easier for us to maintain good traffic. Aged domain also indicated long term commitment and this should benefit us immensely.

We should consider a number of positive domain ranking factor. Link popularity is also important if we want to gain the necessary elements. So, all things being equal, we should make sure to have higher link popularity, so we can achieve better results. The authority of backlinks is important and the quality of inbound link should be examined based on its worthiness. It is important to know that if we get spammy backlinks from link farms, it would be very easy for Google to penalize us. Any bad methods should be avoided and it is better to have a few decent backlinks from relevant websites, than thousands of zero quality backlinks. Just like domain name, older backlinks also have more value than newly created links.

If we have a new good quality link, we should immediately find out whether it is possible to retain it forever, if possible. So, if we get hundreds of new backlinks each day, Google will consider this as a sign of offense. It can be interpreted as somethin unnatural. We should always try to gradually build our incoming links. Server statistics should also be monitored, so we should make sure that we always get traffic from good and acceptable sources. There are also tools to check the originating webpages of our incoming backlinks. We could check each of the webpage and it is important to make sure that the sources are relevant. If we want to get good traffic, it is also important to have nearly 100 percent up time.

Many website owners don’t know much about their own domain. In this case, they could use domain tools, such as to check the domain database registry. This is an important thing to do before we buy the domain. We should be able to determine the overall worthiness and legitimacy of a domain name. If the domain name has been involved in bad SEO practice, this could jeopardize our future online business.  Diversified link profile is also essential and it is a bad thing if our links come from only a single website. If our link building strategy is build naturally, we should see random aspects of our link profile. Even so, we should make sure that our backlinks have consistent quality.

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