June 19, 2024

Why You Should Shift Your Business’ Data To The Cloud Today

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Here at TalkCloud Computing, we believe cloud storage is the only technology you should be investing your time and money in, and we’re certainly not alone. As shown in the infographic below, Forbes recently reported that an incredible 90% of worldwide mobile traffic will be from cloud applications by the year 2019.

In a recent study, the Aberdeen Group announced that more than 60% of CIOs have already recognized the potential of cloud computing, and almost 70% of them are planning to invest major amounts of capital toward cloud technology.

So what can you do to make sure your business doesn’t get left behind? The first step is to identify which cloud solution (private, hybrid, or public) would suit your business model best. The advantages of moving to the cloud are endless, and you’ll soon find your business becoming exponentially profitable. SMBs using cloud services are 21% more profitable, and grow 26% faster, than those that are yet to switch over.

With almost all of your data stored online, you’ll also never have to worry about server maintenance and security, as you join the 61% of businesses that currently, or plan to use Cloud-based backup and recovery. If you’re still not convinced, we’ve prepared a list of steps to show you just how easy it is to backup your data online, and help your business realize its true potential.

[Infographic created by UK IT Support Solutions Company, TSG]

Why You Should Shift Your Business’ Data To The Cloud Today