July 18, 2024

Champion Your Own Cause

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For those in the marketing and advertising industries, the internet has proven itself to be quite the powerful partnering machine. As domestic users of the internet you yourself can see how it has played a big part in the way advertising and marketing products and services has changed. One of the ways it has impacted an evolution is that it really has cut down wastage to a mere minimum and the results you would be looking to achieve are now more easily and readily measurable. For a long time, those in the industry have held onto useful albeit outdated methods and processes to market and advertise services. In the 1800s, a simple but devout Christian merchant named John Wanamaker was one of the pioneers of advertising and marketing and the way in which he went about promoting his businesses and products influenced the way in which subsequent commercial entities did so as well. With ideas like buying print space in his local newspaper to advertise his store’s items and his store presence, product placement in the stores to accentuate sales and even spearheading the use of price tags to keep people from haggling and to create a more stable shopping experience, Wanamaker secured his place in the halls of the greatest marketers and advertisers ever to walk the earth. For a long time, advertisers and marketers merely manipulated and recycled these antique concepts and for a long time, they worked. It was simple and all that was done was making sure markets were penetrated successfully and the relevant audiences knew what products and services existed and where to get them. But this has really changed. The internet is upon us and the techniques that were used before are no longer as relevant or as effective.

As a merchant it is very important that if you haven’t already, begin to garner the strength of the internet to make your products and services more visible and more socially relevant. Millions of Americans spend hours a day online and not just in a browsing capacity. Internet shoppers are known to contribute in excess of 60% of some companies’ total sales revenues so it important that you make sure you are not missing viable opportunities to reach out and impact existing and potential customers. The new age of internet advertising has manifested itself in many interesting and unusual forms. One of the most popular ways to market and advertise to a wider customer base is through search media marketing. You can hook up with localized search engines that attract customers looking for products and services in a particular area, and be one of the first results that come up in a search that is related to your niche industry. One of the companies that are doing this very successfully at the moment is yodle. If you’re unfamiliar with them and what they can do for you, have a look at some yodle reviews to begin understanding the concept of search media marketing. It may just be the best way you can champion your product or service cause today!

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