July 17, 2024

Cloud Based Gaming Services: Benefits Of Video Stream Based Gaming and OnLive Gaming Service

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Cloud Based Gaming Services: Benefits Of Video Stream Based Gaming and OnLive Gaming Service

Cloud computing has shown its allurement practically in every contemporary computing domain, and is continuing its persistent meddling in multifarious walks of life. The consumer benefits of cloud computing are huge, and people have just started to really enjoy the true power of it.

Cloud-based gaming services are one of the befitting capacities of cloud computing. Cloud-based video streaming games allow you to play the games “on demand” via the internet. You just have to sign up to the subscribed cloud outlet and start playing, without the need of any expensive consoles and hardware. That’s the power of cloud! So, exploit the machine’s capabilities of the cloud server working at the back end, and benefit from the games on your laptop or PC. One of the newly-introduced features in Cloud gaming is the “OnLive” cloud gaming service, something really grasping the attention of many.

Cloud Based Gaming Services: Benefits Of Video Stream Based Gaming and OnLive Gaming Service

OnLive gaming services work on the concept of “thin clients” where the end users experience massive powers of the cloud independency. Thin client architectures use the back end server resources, while the front end, GUI and interaction have to be from the user end. In this way, users can play the massive MMO-based interactive 3D games, without having the costly hardware resources.

Coming to the OnLive gaming service, it is purely based on the cloud, and its third party integration of video streaming gaming services is state-of-the-art, i.e. it supports OS running Microsoft Windows, Intel-based Macs with Mac OS X versions, Android and iOS. There is also a built-in browser support for users through which they can test and try the games, without downloading the OnLive client, although a plugin is necessary to run the games on client machines.
The cloud gaming services also allow users to enjoy the best and professional gaming series for multiplayer broadband gaming experience. The cloud-based architecture lets users, from different parts of the world, to get connected. Various games from LEGO Batman to Assassin Creed II are available and supported on the OnLive cloud based gaming.

The HD games requiring massive graphics also run on real time data updation and buffering. The GPU cores are allocated at run time to the game fragments in order to avoid any kind of latency. Moreover, the code execution and compute-intensive tasks take place at the cloud-based servers – deplete the end user efforts and usage of resources.

OnLive gaming cloud is also planning to upgrade its already tweaked up gaming services, since the upcoming PS4 and Xbox One are likely to take up the market by storm. The third-party integration with the MMO games and other stream based computing are a great need of the hour to make things up.

All in all, the cloud benefits of gaming industry have really wriggled up the cloud platforms worldwide, and there is much snip and snack for sake of meeting up the global needs.

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