May 24, 2024

How to Avoid Getting Bad Inbound Links?

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High authority links can have direct effects on our SEO performance. Just a few high quality inbound links can lift our website from complete obscurity into a decent position in search engine results on a number of keywords. Although links are great, we should know that some bad links may really harm our website. It is important to know that search engine have smart algorithms and they are able to detect bad links very easily. It could harm our website in the long run if we insist on letting bad links to plague our website. It is quite ironic, but many bad links are actually paid. This could happen if we work with bad SEO professionals who employ questionable methods. We should also be very careful when buying links. In fact, a legitimate SEO campaign shouldn’t include link buying. All links should be generated naturally and made by visitors who want to share our website to others. We could use different link building services to boost our SEO performance and it can really be a tempting solution.

For just $100, it is possible the we get 1000 links, but there’s a big possibility that most of them are worthless or even bad for our SEO efforts. It may sound too good to be true if these link building firms promise that these links have at least a PR of 1. There is a good possibility that these links are from farms, which are websites that are created for the sole purpose of accommodating thousands of bad links.

Another solution is to use directories and they can actually bad habitat for getting links. Areas where bad links are created often have zero domain strengths and no PageRank. We could immediately see that they have no content and there’s only a long list of links. There are tools that help us to find the origin of these links. Link farms are non-functional websites and it’s likely that they are not indexed. If a website is not indexed, there’s no use getting links from it. A very easy way to determine whether a website is indexed is simply by typing the complete domain name in the search field. If it is not displayed, then the website is outside the index. Bad link farms and directories often have so much ads that it’s difficult to navigate. Paid directories are often managed by professionals and they will work hard to improve the rank. If directories have high PageRank and good position in search results, then it is a good idea to obtain paid links from them. Directories and link farms are even worse if the include adult and software piracy websites. Any link that comes from these domains will be penalized, even if we sell genuine products and share useful information. Good directories don’t auto approval mechanism. Any link that is submitted will be reviews and only useful websites will be allowed to enter. A good links habitat will allow us to get so much benefits and we will have direct SEO benefits

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