June 17, 2024

Informatica HParser Now Available on Amazon EMR

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World’s front runner provider of Data Integration software, Informatica Corporation, today publicized its first data transformation environment, Hpraser, to be available through Amazon Web Services to the cloud customers. This application has been optimized for the Apache Hadoop software services provided to the cloud users.

General Manager of Amazon Elastic MapReduce (EMR), Peter Sirota is reported to have said, “customers are faced with a wide variety of data formats in today’s analytics workflows, so we’re excited about the integration of Informatica HParser with Amazon Elastic MapReduce.”

He also added; “customers can now work with complex data in an easy to use environment, and ask questions of those data at any scale on AWS.”

For organizations that yearn to utilize the skills and resources they own to value in their data, Informatica HParser delivers instantaneous access to data parsing, hierarchical data mapping and transformation tools. Without any substantial capital investment and intricate software configuration, customers can conveniently procure the resources require by them in order to manage their pipelines. To prepare structured and unstructured breakdown and analysis, HParser on Amazon EMR marks it significantly easier, faster and affordable.

Some exceptional benefits of HParser on EMR comprise of:

  • Commercial support for parsing and transformation of data
  • Capacity to hold complex datasets and data transformation using Hadoop software.
  • Visual IDE for analyzing unique parsers and creating custom parsers.
  • Rapid building, testing and supplying Hadoop data processing pipelines.
  •  Risk trial of HParser on Amazon EMR through the use of sample datasets not required.

Executive vice president and chief product officer of Informatica, Girish Pancha expressed, “we look forward to continuing to work with AWS in empowering customers to maximize their return on big data.”

He further added, “Amazon EMR provides an excellent avenue for big data processing on Hadoop, and HParser brings to it enterprise-grade parsing and mapping of complex data sets, such as logs, documents, hierarchical data and other industry standard formats. HParser on Amazon EMR, HParser will help make data integration and analytics easier, faster and cheaper for our customers.”

Informatica Corporation runs data integration software and provides facilities that assist organizations to achieve a viable and competitive lead in today’s global information economy by through apt, pertinent and reliable data for their top business necessities.

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