July 17, 2024

LuxCloud Welcomes Globalization Expert to its Team

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LuxCloud, a global market leader in distribution of cloud services plans to appoint Carlos Ramón as the company’s Globalization Expert and Advisor to the Board of Directors and the CEO. With an impressive track record and over 20 years of experience working with high tech companies all over the world in development and execution of international strategies and operation, Carlos is all set to join the LuxCloud team on July 23, 2012.

In the past, Carlos has worked with a number of global high-tech companies such as Akamai Technologies – the global leader in distribution of computing solutions and online services, – PeopleSoft – the pioneer in development of SaaS based enterprise applications, – Conviva, Silver Spring Networks and Ooyala, assuming different positions ranging from a member of the executive team to a member of the Advisory Board.

During the length of his career, Carlos has been involved in leading the build-up and operations of companies with SaaS based solutions with the aim of increasing customer productivity, while at the same time keeping ownership costs low and maintaining these costs.

During his tenure as the General Manager of International Operations and VP of sales at Akamai Technologies, Carlos has been actively involved in efforts that led to an increase in the company’s international growth from $27m to $140m in a period of just over three years.

Serving as the General Manager at Silver Springs Network, Carlos opened up numerous avenues for the company in terms of new markets all over the world as well as new customers.

In LuxCloud, Carlos’ responsibilities as a General Manager will center around increasing its shareholders’ value in the long-run through maximization and diversification of global revenue, which is possible through the establishment of a profitable, sustainable and a leading SaaS business on a global scale.

According to Marco Houwen, Founder and CEO of LuxCloud, “Carlos is a significant appointment for LuxCloud, his expertise in global sales and international development is invaluable to our plans for delivering to a worldwide market.” He further continued, “We welcome him and know we will have a rewarding and exciting future.”

Among Carlos’ top priorities will be the promotion of Hosted365, the latest offering by LuxCloud comprised of a set of cloud services which makes it possible for different entities such as service providers, value added resellers and telecom operators to deliver a hosted desktop with web based versions of Microsoft Office programs at competitive prices. Quite a few businesses have benefitted from Hosted365 in terms of increased productivity coupled with cost savings of up to 80%, signaling towards a return on investment within three months.

Carlos had his own views regarding his role in the company, about which he spoke enthusiastically, “With their portfolio of products and services, LuxCloud has the potential to deliver to a much wider audience. Working together we will create a strategy to enhance LuxCloud’s international expansion, thus increasing global sales and awareness of its suite of products.”

A graduate of Stanford Business School SEP, US, Carlos holds a BSc degree in Electrical and Computing Engineering from Baylor University. He was born and raised in Uruguay, having fluency in English, Portuguese, Spanish and French.

About LuxCloud

LuxCloud is a market leader in the provision of cloud computing services which allows companies to profitably launch and deliver cloud services to small and medium-sized businesses in no time. It is a privately-owned company that offers customizable branded solutions to resellers, system integrators and service providers, enabling them to sell online services and applications that are available on the platform. This constantly evolving range of applications includes Web and application hosting, messaging and collaboration, business processes and infrastructure packages. Founded in 2010 as part of the DCL Group, LuxCloud is one of the first vendor independent SaaS Distributors in Europe and is headquartered in Luxembourg, enabling smooth shifting of business to the cloud.

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