May 28, 2024

Microsoft Now Owns MetricsHub

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Bob Kelly, Microsoft’s corporate vice president for strategy and business development, in a recent blog post announced that the MetricsHub is now owned by Microsoft. The financial details of the deal haven’t been disclosed by the company officials.

MetricsHub is an automated cloud performance management system, which effectively administers the cloud services and activities. It was a former component of Microsoft Accelerator—a guide program installed at company’s headquarters, initiated in partnership with TechStars, a seed funding supplier. At present it concentrates  on Windows Azure and Kinect, a motion recognition technology for games and devices by Microsoft.

In the post Kelly said, “Cloud solutions are compelling for a variety of reasons — scale, flexibility, and value — particularly for companies looking to do more with less”. He further adds, “To get real value out of those data points you need to automate how your application and cloud platform intelligently respond”.

Kelly mentioned that the new cloud monitoring technology assists customers to manage their cloud services more effectively and that too at a lower cost. The proposed technology will make customers pay only for services they need and will also maximize their efficiency.

As per Kelly, MetricsHub will provide company’s top-quality products to Windows Azure customers, free of charge from the Windows Azure Store. Microsoft is exempting the charges of all customers who were previously paying for the services, and MetricsHub technology shall keep running the cloud applications.


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