June 17, 2024

Networking At Home Via Bluetooth – The Beginning Of A New Era

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We all are aware of the fact that Wifi has already gained a great deal of attention but that doesn’t mean that this is the only option left for the Bluetooth Logo wireless networking. There are several hand-helds that come with Bluetooth inbuilt features and this can easily be used to connect to the hand held to the internet and the web surgfing or e-mail. Although this can be done through a Bluetooth enabled phone, but in America, there’s only a couple of these available. The concerns of this article will cover wirelessly accessing the internet through your home computer network and the ways in which everyone can easily do it.

What is Bluetooth Technology?

Bluetooth is nothing but a wireless connection technology through which you will be allowed to connect a number of devices in your home. Just like Wi-fi, you can use Bluetooth in order to operate electronics and exchange files. Wireless headsets through which you can listen to songs, gaming consoles and cell phones can all use Bluetooth on any way or the other. Although Bluetooth has got certain limitations, such a short range and a far lower bandwidth than Wi-Fi, yet it can make establish better connectivity between the devices and therefore is more reliable than all the other wireless alternatives.

The benefits of the Establishing Home Networking through Bluetooth Devices

Networking At Home Via Bluetooth - The Beginning Of A New Era

Here are some benefits that you can check out in order to set up your own networking at home with the help of bluetooth devices.


A bluetooth headset is actually compatible with any device that supports Bluetooth, irrespective of the make, design or model. You can either use it with your mobile phone or be able to pair it with any gaming console for chatting online. Even your Bluetooth keyboard can work with your computer of with the Play Station. The only pitfall that you might encounter is whether or not the device can easily pair with any other devices.

Setting up is Pretty Simple:

It is pretty easy to set up a bluetooth connection between two devices. The accurate interface for doing so will depend on the devices that you use, but in order to connect those 2 devices, you at least need to make one of those discoverable as the other one will scan for those. The scanning device will find out the discoverable one and thereby you can initiate a connection between the. Once they’re paired with each other, you no longer require pairing them once again.

Offers Enough Security:

The first thing about the security of the Bluetooth connection is that it isn’t always broadcasting, unlike a Wi-fi connection. As the visibility of the devices is only required for setting up the connection, once you pair them off, the visibility will be set off. This ensures safety as you can always be able to disconnect the safety of the device when you’re not using it.

Therefore, when you’re not eager to get a wired internet connection for your personal computer, you can easily use the above mentioned ways to establish a bluetooth connection. With the wide array of media options, it won’t be a huge issue in using bluetooth for setting up an internet connection.

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