April 13, 2024

Problems that may arise with the use of Cloud Computing

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Cloud computing is the footstep for a lot of ventures and government organizations in the right way and it has robust models of achievement that reveal its worth. Most people are of the opinion that cloud computing can fix everything but before you start your journey towards the cloud, you must know that this isn’t the whole truth.

The first problem with cloud computing is that it cannot fix awful application plan or draft. Porting the application to the cloud computing can enhance the performance and presentation but it cannot manage the deficiencies in the programming design. Before you port from on-premise software to the cloud, you need to correct the issues with the design of the application.

Secondly, it is thought that silos are not required for cloud computing but actually the use of cloud may enhance the requirement of silos. Most IT companies try to minimize the silos of processes, services and data, because by using cloud they may find it difficult to cut down their storage. Companies using cloud computing make clouds where they can store their newly created items and hence huge silos of processes, services and data are made. This problem can be controlled by well ahead preparation but people usually consider it afterwards.

Thirdly, cloud computing cannot minimize the number of workers required to manage the cloud. Although, human resources are minimized, but as clouds are also systems managed by human beings so workers are required to keep an eye on the core business systems.

So, if you want to migrate from an on-premise system to cloud computing, you will require smaller number of employees for maintenance. But as the new trends for cloud computing are fast emerging, more and more human resources are required to run the system successfully.

Cloud computing like any other technology has its own limitations that must be kept in mind at all times. Many business organizations with limited hearsay knowledge do not know that cloud computing is itself a system that needs to be properly managed. One of the key features missing in cloud computing is the ability to customize. Take for example the case of CRM connected with VoIP. The internet phone service that has servers on-site can install any of the shelf software available to improve the customer service. However, this may not be possible if your VoIP company is dependent on cloud computing services. Business organizations must realize that most cloud systems offered are closed, and even cloud computing systems with open APIs also provide limited access to do a lot more customization.

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