May 30, 2024

SkyDrive Lands Into Glitches

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SkyDrive Lands Into Glitches

Microsoft’s SkyDrive landed into a number of glitches and malfunctions this Tuesday afternoon. As competitors engage in a war with each other and continuously upgrade their cloud services, bugs and glitches are bound to happen. A day before SkyDrive’s malfunction, Google’s Gmail experienced a network breakdown. SkyDrive is used by a huge number of organizations already throughout the world. This SkyDrive issue can create a lot of problems for Microsoft if it is not dealt quickly.

The malfunctions were very noticeable. SkyrDrive was unable to access and modify files stored in it. The problem started when users couldn’t upload files on it. As time progressed, the malfunctions worsened and users couldn’t even view or delete their files. Microsoft displayed the malfunction and the problems that it had caused on their Live Status site.

SkyDrive Lands Into Glitches

The cause and how serious the problem is still not clear. Microsoft has made no comments on the issue, but it is right to assume that they might be working on a fix or a solution to it.

SkyDrive is one of the best known cloud based storages services offered in the world today. Most organizations tend to use SkyDrive over other cloud storage services mainly because Microsoft is a reliable brand. Besides this, the service offers full support for various operating systems like Windows 8, Surface tablet and desktop applications. SkyDrive became bigger when it offered a 200GB upgrade just recently. The upgrade came at absolutely no extra cost and was included in the SkyDrive bundle. There are many other services that offer more space but they don’t offer the same kind of services that SkyDrive provides.

Microsoft recently claimed that SkyDrive is being used by more than 250 million people. This means that many organizations may have suffered due to this malfunction, as it has rendered SkyDrive completely useless.

This week has been terrible for almost all cloud apps and it seems like most service providers aren’t focusing on making their cloud services more reliable. Cloud computing is the next big thing in the IT world, so it is right to assume that big IT companies would like to be at the top of the pile. Cloud is becoming more popular day by day, so these big companies have to work very fast and offer new services at an affordable. Unfortunately, the time required to test most of them is not enough, so errors like the one in SkyDrive are bound to happen in the future.

Just a while ago, Gmail was down for nearly 10 hours straight. It was the biggest disaster Google has faced in years. Users couldn’t download attachments and had to wait for very long periods of time just to open Gmail. The Google malfunction effected Google Apps cloud collaboration which is being used by many organizations and businesses already.

Users will have to wait for Microsoft to fix the SkyDrive problem. With the recent series of errors, cloud users may get discouraged. Getting cloud apps back in shape is the responsibility of the service providers and the pressure only increases when competitors perform better.

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