June 25, 2024

Smart Home Technology Is Giving New Life To Older Homes

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From the days of armed guards and barking dogs to smart home integration, security systems have advanced in stride with our technology. With a high demand for quality in the market, they are created with increasingly impressive innovations to protect you and your family without fail. Even in just the past two decades, security systems and their equipment have become smaller, improved attention to detail, gained efficiency, and even become more eco-friendly. And best of all, they are more customizable than ever, giving you full control in how you protect your family and belongings according to your lifestyle.

Smart Home Technology

A house doesn’t have to be built smart in order to become a smart home. Smart home systems and devices are built with the flexibility to upgrade with ease. Choose from mobile alerts, alarms, locks, automated lighting, and internal and external surveillance to meet the needs dictated by your lifestyle.

Many smart security systems can be merged with home automation technology to give absolute control over daily home functions. If you already have a security system, chances are that the home automation system can work with it without requiring a pricey overhaul. For example, you can introduce wireless internet functions to your existing smart locks. Adding a WiFi capability to a smart lock can enable you to open your door with just a touch of your finger, or give your doorbell a camera function that enables you to view and interact with whoever is knocking—even when out of the house.

Advanced Lighting Systems

With the swipe of a finger or with the hum of an automatic timer, modern home technology enables you to turn on and off lights anywhere in your home. This can reduce your electric bill, as well as deter potential intruders.

Lighting is among the simplest ways an old home can be transformed with new technology. Simply swap out regular bulbs for smart bulbs, add a programmable timer compatible with your existing network of wires, and voila—behold your smart home. You can go one step further by making use of apps, advanced switches, and wireless control to turn lights on and off at your leisure, even when you’re halfway across the globe.

Smart Thermostat

Every home has some kind of heating and cooling system. However, the 21st century has seen the evolution of these systems with smart thermostats. Smart thermostats can customize your climate control based on your habits and personal preferences, as well as be controlled with a web application or smartphone. They can also sense or be programmed to detect when the home is vacant and react accordingly, saving energy for the environment as well as money for your bank account.


With increasingly advanced developments in home technology, we are further empowered to protect our property and provide precision comfort.  And thanks to innovative new security systems that work with landlines and cellular connections, this has become easier and more affordable than ever.

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