May 28, 2024

3 Simple Tips to Create Cloud Computing Strategy

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If you are an IT professional, you need to make cloud computing strategy for your business. Like all other IT shops, you can make it your own way. The creation of strategy is very essential and proper planning is required for it as without required planning, you may have to go through redraft and costly retrofitting. The chance of failure is usually very high.

Those, who do not like planning, I’m going to provide them three simple steps to generate a cloud computing strategy.

Describe the Business Case

The low-level business case for cloud computing is already explained. But if you are short of time to go into the details, then you need to concentrate on the high-level advantages of cloud computing. These benefits are enhanced enterprise agility, utilization of business data and conservation of capital. The requirements of different businesses are different, so you need to actually understand the needs of your own business.

Describe main Requirements of the Business

List out the basic requirements of the business and write down the needs of safety, performance, supremacy and development regarding your business. You can then focus on each separately and use this list of basic requirements to join cloud computing bandwagon.

Describe Central Technology

Once you go through the first two steps, think carefully which cloud computing technologies best suit your business. You can start with PaaS, SaaS or IaaS or you can use a combination of all the three. You also have to consider between the private, hybrid or public clouds. When you are clear about all these factors, you should move on to search for the providers or the technologies of cloud computing that you deem are best suitable to your business. If you are still left with time, it’s better to define the role of each.

Without being forced to make a thorough plan, you can now start thinking about what is actually required. It is best for those who abhor doing the paperwork.

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