May 28, 2024

5 iOS App Development Tips You Need To Consider In 2017

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iOS App Development Tips

iOS as the leading mobile platform is widely prioritized by app developers worldwide. Thanks to the huge scope of a business conversion building iOS apps are truly rewarding. But in perfect conformity, it is equally challenging as well. iOS app developers besides following strict standards and guidelines also have to conform to the latest trends and industry practices to ensure competitiveness. Here we provide 6 important tips developers and iOS app development company needs to consider in 2017 and beyond.

1. Become part of the Apple Developer Program

Apple’s Developer Program which is known to offer global exposure to apps is a great way to reach users all over the globe. Besides offering reach to worldwide audience it helps to access all kinds of resources offered by Apple. By joining Apple’s Developer Programs iPhone application company can ensure advanced capabilities for their apps, can access highly sophisticated app analytics and several beta testing tools.

2. Designing UI for 3D Touch

It’s incredibly important to serve to the expectation standard of apps. The app developers need to build for easier and smoother 3D Touch. New developers can often find it tough to make link buttons bigger for easy interaction. How the design can work intuitively needs to be understood clearly in the context of an iOS device. You need to be clear-eyed about a few things. First of all, the elements optimized for 3D Touch work much differently with mobile than desktops. Follow the standard UI elements for iOS so that it intuitively works for iPhone or iPad users.

3. Command over both Objective-C and Swift

As of now, Objective C is the language for a vast majority of the native iPhone apps. Swift as the more advanced programming language for iOS apps has been rolled out a few years before. The language has gained huge popularity since its rollout and is continuing to be used in various apps. So, having a strong command on both of these programming languages is necessary to stay tuned with the latest development trends and best practices.

4. Follow the App Store Guidelines Strictly

Apple unlike other platforms follows a stringent process and guideline to ensure optimum quality for their apps. Each app featured in the App Store should pass through tests and strict procedures to ensure the highest quality standard. In fact, this strict quality control made Apple’s mobile platform so coveted. So, to avoid rejection and to ensure easy acceptance, follow the Apple’s regulations thoroughly.

5. Make sure to have a project directory structure

Creating a project directory the structure may not be absolutely essential for small app development projects, but for complex and huge enterprise grade app development involving several developers, you need to have a proper project directory structure. In case other developers need to tweak your code a well-organized project directory would be invaluable. If you do not want your code to be messy ensure having a directory.

6. Ensure proper error handling

Errors in coding are common in development irrespective of the experience of the developers. Logic related errors are the most common. Sometimes you just forget to take into account unexpected input by users. Often such mistakes result in the sudden crash. You need to ensure proper error handling throughout any project to avoid mistakes and unexpected crashes. Before these errors make your app fail in App Store test or fail to achieve traction, you need to ensure error handling on your part.

To conclude, iOS app development is equally challenging and rewarding for the developers and publishers. Following best practices and App Store guidelines are the bare minimum requirement.

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