May 20, 2024

5 Mobile Game Development Trends To Follow In 2017

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Mobile Game Development Trends

The mobile games market is growing rapidly and game development company are constantly trying to come up with something creative and unique. 2016 was a big year for mobile game development companies and it’s gonna follow in 2017 as well. If you want to stay ahead of the curve on what’s hot in mobile game development, here are 5 major mobile game development trends to keep in touch with.

1) Virtual Reality

Virtual reality headsets have been increasingly making news, and they are likely to become the part of device ecosystem for the masses sometime soon. VR offers a new prospect of monetization freedom for developers. Considering the immersive experience these new gaming devices offer to gamers, VR can eventually position itself as the most sought after gaming device. VR games played with the headset offered a good way of entertaining people with the life-like gaming environment. VR games can also be played with other VR gamers in your surrounding.

2) Indie Studios

The rise of indie game developers have the phenomenon in the game industry, and we can only expect to see them grow. Many indie mobile game developers defied the logic and with their creative brilliance made it to the top of the chart. On the outside, big mobile game development firms may seem to be very equipped but what they lack often is out of the game concept that can turn out a winner defying the established conventions. This is where indie developers presently go on top of them. In 2017 we can expect Indie developers further grabbing a better share of the pie of game market.

3) Social Gaming

Social gaming has taken over most games now. While playing a game you can easily interact with your social friends, get their review points and invite them to play with you. This has given a new twist to games. Thanks to social gaming the players can now enjoy a highly customized gaming experience. Just the way VR and AR are allowing positive interaction with the real world around, integrating social platforms with games will create more interactive opportunities.

4) Games for TVs

As consoles evolve into something more resembling multimedia entertainment devices than dedicated gaming machines, it seems that everyone wants in on the widespread accessibility of the dominating mobile market model. With several smart TVs are on offer, and TV apps are continuing to merge the mobile with TV reality, gaming on the big screen is going to be more popular.

5) Passive Game Watching

Game watching on platforms like Twitch and YouTube increased vehemently in past couple of years. Referred as passive game watching sometimes even leaves behind the game playing experience of several game apps. While the vast majority of games will continue thriving on to these platforms, we can never see the popularity of game videos.


With growing number of development tools, game engines, mobile device technologies, and user expectations, mobile gaming is sure to experience growth trends in 2017.

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