May 30, 2024

Adobe’s Marketing Cloud Offers Something New to Marketers

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A merger of quite a few ad firms was expected since last two years by many in the industry, but that couldn’t happen, and instead, big names like Google, IBM, Adobe and Oracle purchased many ad firms. For marketers having lots of ad products to select, the trend is now shifted towards companies trying to stack all the products they’ve purchased.

On Wednesday, in Salt Lake City, Adobe in its annual digital marketing conference is likely to demonstrate company’s evolution by making a lot of product announcements. The major one is of Adobe’s Marketing Cloud, an online collection of company’s ad and marketing products consisting of Adobe Analytics, Adobe Social, Adobe Target, Adobe Experience Manager, and the Adobe Media Optimizer.

Among products, Adobe Social, Adobe Analytics and Adobe Target are touch-enabled user interfaces that connect directly to the Creative Cloud, Adobe’s online tool for content creation. The new interface works similar to a system used in Wikipedia, but for its large illustrations and utilization of feeds, appears like Facebook or Pinterest. Adobe cards are used to create data and content that can be placed on boards or shared among different teams.

According to Brad Rencher, Adobe’s senior vice president and GM of its Digital Marketing Business, the initiative is taken to promote collaboration and efficiency among marketers in an organization by offering similar ad products and artistic tools. Rencher further added  “Brands are struggling with the technology,” and believes that to catch up with new-age real time marketing needs and requirements, marketers need speedy collaborative means.

Rencher admits that certainly no technological innovation can transform marketing approach which works quick. He bluntly accepted that marketers are under great pressure within their organizations and aren’t even in talking terms with each other inside those associations.

Rencher added the announcements related to the company’s ad and marketing products will make different marketing organizations to use the same tools to create marketing strategies. It will change the usual practices, i.e. email and spreadsheets to design , produce , perform  and gauge  marketing campaigns. The new Adobe’s social and mobile-enabled tools will particularly benefit young media planners, who breathe in social media networks.

To make conventional marketers move along the new changing technology trends, it will take time even for big names like Adobe, Google and Oracle to offer something similar with the increasing collection of their ad techs.

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