April 19, 2024

Cloud-based Analytics Now Part Of HP Cloud Enterprise

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Cloud-based Analytics Now Part Of HP Cloud Enterprise

HP Cloud Enterprise has recently released their cloud-based analytics and it will be used by HP’s very own HAVEn Big Data analytics platform. The new service will help clients in many new ways:

  1. Create new business opportunities
  2. Solve business related problems
  3. Clients can view their information and value it according to the analytic data
  4. Through analysis, overall sales can be increased by implementing targeted client offerings
  5. Data can be used to improve supply chain performance
  6. Help clients discover any security risk and security vulnerabilities
  7. Use analytic data to discover fraud

End to end Big data will be available to all clients and will be delivered by HP Cloud Enterprise. Analytics information will also be delivered to clients, which will make information actionable. This will be useful for clients in key industries and domains.

Cloud-based Analytics Now Part Of HP Cloud Enterprise

HP has included a few solutions in the new service. These include:

–          Customer intelligence

–          Supply chain and operations

–          Sensor data analytics

–          Consumer goods

–          Retail

–          Travel and transportation

Through the new cloud based analytics, big companies will be able to create highly sophisticated applications and solutions which will allow faster monetization of Big Data. HP HAVEn has used its already proven technology to create this new service including HP Vertica Analytics Platform, HP Autonomy IDOL, HP ArcSight Security Event Manager and HP ArcSight Logger.

HP Enterprise Services are one of the first organizations to use the HP HAVEn platform. They deployed HAVEn as a member of their Big Data Discovery Experience.  Because the service is part of Bid Data Discovery Experience, customers will experience improved services. That is why HP’s data scientists are always forced to provide new solutions.

Flexibility and scalability are the two objectives of this new cloud service along with HP’s regular Enterprise services. The analytics are unique and are the result of structured database technology. The service can also provide analytics on unstructured data like emails, comments, pictures and various social media contents. Complex data sets like pieces of audio, video and images can also be analyzed. The service can categorize and classify the data according to how it recognizes it.

With this service, clients will be able to analyze huge quantities of data without categorization, solving business issues. After analysis, clients can use various statistical methods to get the data that they require. Sophisticated customer profiles, chemical reaction optimization and automatic complex image recognition are examples of solutions that the service can provide.

Finding and implementing solutions will be easy. HP already has over 5000 analytics professionals worldwide, so customers can expect the service to be updated and improved as time progresses.

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