May 30, 2024

Cloud Blogging Or Blog Hosting – Make Choice

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We talk about blog hosting every now and then. Most of the times, it is about self-hosted blogging platforms and free blogging software. There is another enormously admired kind of blogging platform that may be referred to as cloud blogging.

Google and WordPress offer free blogging software and host them on their servers. WordPress also offers its software to be used under a free software license. The cloud blogging system of WordPress is most authentic on the worldwide web.

There are following advantages of cloud blogging:

  • It has a maintenance-free system, which includes unlimited number of updates.
  • It is a free and extremely cheap service.
  • The promotional connections or social media connections, like Blogger-Google Plus integration, are also presented with this service.

Blog hosting is a notably strong option; its benefits are given below:

  • You will have your own domains- like hosted domains, sub-domains and additional domains- on some accounts.
  • You can use the applications of other websites, as well, like photo gallery, business portfolio etc.
  • You can pick and switch to any blogging software and do whatever you want.
  • It comes with the customization of the source code and templates.
  • It has the ability to host as many blogs as the available disk space and the allowed bandwidth.

Cloud blogging can be an outstanding choice which will alleviate your worries if you are new to web hosting and like simpler things. But if you want to have a complete control, as well as, an exclusive blog, you must get a website from a consistent hosting company.

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