May 30, 2024

How To Secure Your Cloud Data Through Backups

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Cloud computing presents a major concern to the IT specialists about the safety of their data, as it is entirely in the hands of the service provider who sometimes work without any backup solution. In other words, the data may be completely lost, if there is any malfunction in the server. In addition, some providers of cloud services put their faith in proprietary technology, due to which, the users cannot transfer their data to another cloud service provider, if required.

To the above issues, the solution is given below:

Cloud platform:

If you want to control your backups, you must work with cloud platform as a service (PaaS), instead of software as a service (SaaS). In this way, you will be able to control your personal data and web applications; the backups can be sent to wherever you like.

Open Source:

When you are concerned about the provider lock-in of your data and applications, you must go for a cloud provider with open source technology. Whenever you want to transfer to a new cloud vendor, your data will easily be sent to the new cloud location. Xen Cloud Platform and Open Stack are the two examples of open source platforms of cloud.

Third-party cloud backup:

Some cloud hosts know that keeping your data in a single location may lead to the loss of your data if proper backup solution is not implemented. Such hosts present offsite backup options and, sometimes, a third-party backup host.

Maintaining a backup of the data to ensure safety is not too difficult. With some careful planning and investigation, you can secure your data in cloud hosting.

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