May 27, 2024

Hostway Announces Launch of SQL Server 2012 For Managed Cloud Hosting

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Hostway announces the launch of new cloud hosting solution called, SQL Server 2012, for its Windows operated hosting venture. The product is the fifth one in the series and has been developed in response to the increased trend towards the preferred use of cloud hosting over traditional web hosting services.

The Product Launch is announced when a newer market segment for transferring “big data” to cloud hosting is being seriously considered by experts at Cloud Expo in New York City. As the discussions regarding this matter progresses, a video from Hostway is published featuring experts like, Lydia Leong Research Vice President at Gartner, Aaron Hollobaugh Marketing Vice President at Hostway, Chris Samson– Microsoft’s Senior Hosting Technology Specialist and Leen Kashyap– Microsoft’s Strategy Manager for cloud infrastructure. The experts revealed a new market cluster combining two varied services namely, deployment of databases for mission critical applications (applications which are crucial for an organization to get its work done), and the cloud hosting and capability sharing services. The experts discuss two latest trends in the “cloud hosting of data intensive-mission critical applications” which include the industry trend of phenomenal cloud growth providing a platform offering flexibility and scalability for Hostway. The market demand shifts towards moving an organization’s sensitive and critically important data to the cloud, as well as, providing database-intensive applications to virtual environments.

Microsoft SQL Server 2012 now provides wider set of options for the database deployment in Cloud Computing environment. Windows cloud plans are a continuation of Hostway’s commitment to develop virtual platform that meets the demand of corporate clients as the trends shift towards moving their “mission-critical applications” to the cloud.  The trend is likely to lead to more database-intensive cloud hosting and the launch of this edition is a response to this likely change.

What makes SQL Server 2012 standout among its predecessor editions is that it enables corporate level data mirroring and synchronization of data between databases across the cloud.

“There are substantial upgrades added to Microsoft SQL Server 2012, most notably that it’s now cloud-ready,” states Mike Robski, Vice President of Research & Development for Hostway. “Data can be synchronized between databases via the cloud, and multiple user experiences can be powered across multiple devices.”

By launching the product based on these trends, Hostway has clearly stated its motive to stay and grow in the market. Hostway has struggled hard and now it’s catering the demands of small and medium sized Businesses through its managed and hybrid cloud hosting technologies, to become a market leader by developing a clearly defined new Niche in the industry for Microsoft managed cloud hosting of the mission critical applications. Other than taking its current services to another level, it has crafted a carefully carved Niche for its future operations in a relatively newer segment of the market that has remained untouched and unnerved by close competitors.

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