May 20, 2024

Cloud Computing A Very Noticeable Technology Shift

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Cloud Computing A Very Noticeable Technology Shift

Cloud Computing is taking over physical data storage computing very fast and is responsible for creating one of the biggest technology shifts in the world today. It lets users use applications over the internet instead of installing software and storing files inside individual computers. Data is stored, processed and hosted on a single system and user can access all of the stored material through cloud computing.

Cloud computing can be imagined as data floating inside a cloud. The cloud passes over various users letting them use data and even manipulate it. Transmitting data through clouds is therefore very easy and fast. Some forms of cloud computing offer very tight security which decreases the chances of data theft.

Cloud Computing A Very Noticeable Technology Shift

Before cloud computing, a purchaser had to be extremely cautious when choosing RAM and hard drive. This was because of the fact that all data that had to be processed must be a part of the system itself. For the software and applications, the hard disk had to have space. The RAM was responsible for making the program run fast, so that too had to have a good amount of space to transfer the data quickly.

Small businesses and corporations do not need to be very cautious about purchasing hardware anymore, with cloud computing. They only need one good system with a good cloud service which can store all required company data. This data can be transmitted to all users on the cloud network.

The idea of cloud computing has been there since 1999, when users of broadband internet increased. By 2012, the number of internet users was approximately 2 billion. Google was the first to handle the large number of users. Amazon was soon to follow and their data centers became so large that they are now known as Amazon Web Services.

Public clouds have made work easier and there is no need for an IT consultant now. One of the most well known of these is Dropbox. Instead of storing data on individual computers, Dropbox allows a user to upload huge number of data files. These data files can then be used by various other users and can even be downloaded or shared with others.

Cloud computing also allows companies to store data in data centers. Data centers are third parties and are run by a group of data specialists. This keeps data secure and in one single place which helps in keeping it organized. Companies can also scale up and down according to their needs without going into more hardware purchases.

Large businesses are adopting cloud computing technology. This means that cloud computing will only be better in the future. Adobe, Amazon, Microsoft, HP and Oracle are already well known for their contributions to cloud computing. As competitors rise, we can expect more services from these companies which will make our lives much easier.

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