April 15, 2024


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Trends might come and go, but in case of cloud computing many experts and professionals in the field of technology alike would agree that this particular technology is here to stay. Not only that, cloud computing is also predicted to be an incredibly essential part of the business of the future, especially if said businesses are looking for a way to increase and maximize their productivity.

One of the biggest problem with enterprise software and infrastructure as we know it today is that they are often far from being user-friendly, making using the software themselves a huge pain for employees. This leads to the decrease of overall productivity, which can negatively affect the business in the long run. Not only that, more and more software aimed at enterprise often features a lot of bloatware and useless features as opposed to making the software as user-friendly as possible. Even worse, in cases where you might want to consider migrating to a new software, the cost to do can be incredibly high.

Cloud computing, in contrast, offers much smoother and slicker user experience. It is also far more cost-effective compared to the traditional enterprise software and environment, as well as time-effective. While migrating to a new on-premise solution might take weeks or even months to be implemented fully, migrating to a new cloud computing environment generally only takes a few days at worst before the new environment is running in full capacity and ready to be used.

Cloud computing also features a much better user experience in general compared to traditional enterprise software, and this goes beyond a slick user interface with a modern and fresh look. Not only does cloud computing environment provide its users with an interface that is nice to look at, they are also developed with user experience in mind, so you can expect powerful functionalities and affordances that are also easy to grasp due as they take human intuitiveness into account. These features make cloud computing a much powerful tool to increase productivity compared to traditional models.

To make it even better, cloud computing is also at the front and center of information and data security. High-profile hacking cases happening in recent years have made the issue of data security and protection even more important than before, and using cloud computing system and infrastructure can help you strengthen and protect your own data security. This can be attributed to the automation of processes implemented by cloud computing providers, meaning that human error or negligence that might cause security breaches are lowered to a minimum. Thanks to the automatic processes run by cloud computing vendors, there is no need for you to worry about late application of security patches or implementation errors leading to increased vulnerability. Cloud computing vendors are also incentivized to ensure that the data on their servers and environments is as secure as possible, so you can rest assured that your data is being taken care of by security experts.

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