May 28, 2024

Cloud Computing Certification And Employment Horizons

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Future looks bright for cloud computing as it has a lot of potential to broaden the employment horizons. According to statistics, it’s safe to assume that this technology would be responsible for creation of 14 million new jobs in the coming three years world wide. The scope of jobs created would transcend the IT sector and have an impact on other sectors as well. This statistical data was compiled because of a research carried out by Microsoft Corporation.

Although 14 million jobs is an unprecedented number associated with a technology, but when it’s pitted against the current ratio of population estimated to be 3 billion, it pales in comparison. North America will get around 1.18 million jobs out of this 14 million job quota whereas the majority will be allocated to upcoming Asian markets such as India, China mainly because of the availability of workers in abundance unmatched by other regions. Even with all those statistics, the fact can’t be denied that the potential job scope is equally commendable. The importance of cloud technology is further cemented by the revelation of these statistics.

This study would also negate the common notion that cloud technology would be the cause of a lot of jobs being terminated. In fact, this technology as shown above would cause a surge in vacancies on a global level in all sorts of business irrespective of functionalities and magnitude. The main attraction and efficacy of the cloud technology is that upcoming markets and small setups all are privy to the similar features that would be available to behemoth organizations and established economies.

The exact nature of jobs cloud technology would create are going to be in the IT sector among them cloud architectural designers, integration experts are mention worthy. Cloud technology is already playing an integral part in the smart phone application development sector where it’s already being used to deliver better products. An insight into application economy has revealed that this sector has solely created around 466, 000 jobs in United States alone. The growing trend amongst developers and software engineers is designing applications that utilize cloud technology which has resulted in surge of demand for cloud professional globally.

As already mentioned, cloud technology would be responsible for generation of jobs in fields other than IT sector. Because of expansion fields like human resources, finance, sales, marketing, service, production and administrative departments would also see a spike in vacancies creating new job opportunities.

Experts at IDC have further predicted that because of novelty and originality associated with cloud technology, it will also lead to financial gains as large as $1 trillion per year in negligible time frame of just 36 months.  IDC further postulates that during previous year, because of cloud service providers, small sized corporations, world over, achieved an unprecedented target of $400 billion in sales. The accomplishments don’t end there as cloud technology has also produced 1.5 million new job opportunities.

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