April 19, 2024

Cloud Computing Company Zumasys To Assist Thanksgiving Food Program In Orange County

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Cloud Computing Company Zumasys To Assist Thanksgiving Food Program In Orange County

Zumasys, which happens to be one of the leading providers of infrastructure solutions and Cloud computing to medium-sized and small businesses, has revealed its intentions of raising a hundred thousand dollars for the Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County. The purpose of this fund-raising is to provide meals to more than two thousand families in Orange County at Thanksgiving.

It needs to be mentioned that a huge chunk (approximately 13 percent, which means around 400,000 people) of Orange County’s population suffers from extreme poverty and hunger. About two hundred thousand of those people are either children or seniors.

It is estimated that about $42 can provide a healthy and nutritious Thanksgiving meal to a needy family and that will be possible through the Second Harvest Food Bank. Any donation of up to $50,000 will be evenly matched by Zumasys, which means that a donation of $42 will feed two families instead of one.

Cloud Computing Company Zumasys To Assist Thanksgiving Food Program In Orange County

Paul Giobbi, the President of Zumasys, revealed that the company started to work with the Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County last year when they were chosen for Zumasys’ 1% program. Giobbi expressed that his organization is extremely impressed and inspired by the efforts of the Second Harvest Food Bank to fight against hunger in Orange County and claimed that Zumasys will continue to help the food bank in future in this noble cause.

This is not the first time that Zumasys has indulged in charity work to help the people in need. Zumasys has committed to distribute 1% of its yearly revenue to nonprofit organizations that work for the betterment of needy people. Those nonprofit organizations are nominated and chosen by the employees of Zumasys. This initiative by Zumasys is called its 1% Program, which aims at donating one million dollars to nonprofit organizations by the end of 2016.

Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County was selected by Zumasys’ employees last year and it was given a donation of 25 thousand dollars, which was program’s largest donation at that time. Apart from donation, Zumasys has helped the food bank arrange and pack food for the people in need. It is predicted that the Thanksgiving donations will easily surpass all the previous charity work done by Zumasys in past.

Giobbi further added that that goal of his organization has always been to build an atmosphere where people care for everyone around them. The President mentioned that the Thanksgiving fundraiser with the food bank will allow the employees, friends and customers of Zumasys to help the less fortunate people and this is the best possible expression of thanking for all the blessings they enjoy.

About Zumasys

Zumasys is one of the major organizations of California when it comes to helping companies to convert their applications and infrastructure to the Cloud. Customers can conveniently access their hardware and software technologies over the internet, which means that businesses can focus more on developing their core operations instead of spending too much time and efforts in managing their IT infrastructure.

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