April 19, 2024

A Brief Introduction To Cloud Computing

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A Brief Introduction To Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is a networking concept, where programs, applications, and services are shared by multiple users. Its usage was once limited to heavyweights like telecom industries, however, the contemporary business needs have brought it under the consideration of merely smaller corporations as well as individual consumers.


This portion focuses on the basic functionality of this technology. The technology is based on servers and storages large enough to facilitate millions of users. These servers and databases are administered by the providers. A single user comes in contact with these cloud servers, using an internet connection and gets aided with its offerings. Such servers can be used for a variety of purposes, ranging from simple document or media storage to the use of applications presented by the hosts. Common examples of such cloud services are Google Drive by Google and SkyDrive by Microsoft. You can store your personal data as well as access web applications to perform desired activities.

A Brief Introduction To Cloud Computing


Introduction of Cloud technology on a generalized level has elevated the efficiency of modern computing. It has saved the efforts of many organizations that once used to mount same application on each of the staff’s computer. Moreover, the technology can easily be declared as cost effective, as you can attend a large number of users with a single license key. Its convenience is beyond the anticipations due to its accessibility from any part of the world, at any time. Now, you do not need to transport your laptops, discs or flash drives, as Cloud technology relieves you from these hard to manage accessories. It entitles with your very own unique identity and a password. You can log on to your cloud storage from anywhere, anytime. Along with these nice realities, many cloud servers offer you even an unlimited storage space. All these pros of Cloud computing are smoothening its way to approach each IT-literate individual in this whole big world.


Cloud computing is a virtual technology, which is only reachable if accompanied with a trustworthy high-speed internet connection. Considering this fact, such service may not be operational at many geographical territories around the globe. In addition to this, you may never trust a single username and password to be the only key to your important stuff. Imagine a scenario, where you are planning to brief the clients in an important business conference, using the docs stored in your Cloud server. What if the server goes town at that specific instance, what if you cannot access your user account? Another restraint involved is the security of your data. As internet is an open network, it has high number of expert intruders. Your data may always be at risk of being stolen or lost. These limitations result in many reluctant users that cannot entirely depend upon.

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