April 15, 2024

Cloud9 Declares Gold Sponsorship of Dreamforce 2012

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Cloud9 – a leader in providing Business Intelligence solutions for sale – made an announcement today that it will be a Gold sponsor of Dreamforce 2012 conference (www.dreamforce.com) by salesforce.com, which is to be held between September 18 – 21, 2012. The conference is scheduled to take place in Moscone Center in San Francisco, and Cloud9 is anticipated to be in booth 50 in the Cloud Expo.

Cloud9 helps improve the overall sales process of customers by transforming CRM data into useful, practical information, promising top-notch results. Its advanced sales analytics solutions leads to higher revenues and improved win rates by providing a better insight into the sales pipeline.

According to Jim Burleigh, CEO of Cloud9, “between social technologies and the influx of ‘Big Data,’ organizations have access to more invaluable information than ever. Unfortunately, companies simply aren’t arming their sales teams with sufficient tools to reap the benefits of this additional intelligence – they’re still treating sales as an art when it should be treated as a science.” In addition, he said that: “As a returning sponsor of Dreamforce, Cloud9 is looking forward to collaborating with industry experts and demonstrating the benefits of leveraging sales analytics – rather than relying on gut instinct – to increase the profitability of social enterprises.”

Kraig Swensurd, chief marketing officer of salesforce.com expressed his views, “companies around the world are transforming into social enterprises by connecting to their customers and employees in entirely new ways. Dreamforce attendees will be able to see firsthand how partners like Cloud9 help them reach new levels of customer success through the power of cloud computing.”

Credited as being the largest event surrounding cloud computing and enterprise technology, Dreamforce 2012 invites more than 70,000 registered attendees and involves over 650 sessions and 350 cloud companies gathered at the expo. Dreamforce 2012 has everything for attendees under one roof that they need, to get ahead, as a social enterprise. Some of the activities include: interactive sessions, numerous live demos, hands-on training with the latest technology as well as unmatched networking. Apart from that, the special guests of Dreamforce are Sir Richard Branson, Founder of Virgin Group; Gen. Colin Powell, former Secretary of State; Jeff Immelt, CEO of General Electric; Tony Robbins, Entrepreneur, Author & Peak Performance Strategist; and The Red Hot Chili Peppers.

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About Cloud9

Cloud9 is a leading service provider of cloud-based BI solutions for sales. Customers are able to manage sales performance with Cloud9’s business solutions and acquire a customizable sales reporting structure that helps them generate sales forecasts, identify potential risks, threats and opportunities, and gain insight into changes and deviations. Some of Cloud9’s popular customers include: Siemens, Jive, LinkedIn, Splunk, Stanley Black & Decker, Avaya and BMC Software among various others.

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