May 28, 2024

GoGrid Announces Partnership With GenieDB For The Provision Of Cloud Platform

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GoGrid – a leader in providing cloud-based infrastructure – recently announced the commencement of its partnership with GenieDB, a globally distributed database developer for enterprise applications, for the beta-testing of the GenieDB Global Delivery Database solution within a multi-data-center cloud infrastructure environment.

The GenieDB is a multi-purpose solution that attends to an enterprise’s demand for top-notch performance, redundancy and flexibility on a global scale to expand the database requirements for inclusion of multi-data-center geographic diversity within the cloud. A lot of businesses face barriers in terms of non-scalable and location-bound relational (SQL) databases, rendering them incapable of pursuing the extensive reconstruction and investment required to implement scalable, non-relational (NoSQL) database solutions.

“Given the advances of Big Data, cloud computing, and mobile, pressure is rapidly mounting as enterprises strive to meet the demands of an increasingly global user base, but struggle with the pain associated with scaling infrastructure,” says Gary Breese, CEO of GenieDB. “Teaming GoGrid’s multi-data-center cloud service with GenieDB’s Global Delivery Database establishes a distributed, available, local experience delivery platform. That platform provides the critical foundation for next-generation applications, and does so within a readily accessible framework that’s easy to implement and maintain.”

GenieDB combines the finest capabilities of SQL and NoSQL, providing a globally dispersed database solution that works with MySQL – the world’s leading open source database – and enabling seamless scaling of existing applications on a global scale without the hassle and cost of replacement of current database structure. From the start, GenieDB was intended for dispersal and replication across a wide area network (WAN). This architecture is ideal for cloud environments, especially for GoGrid’s customers seeking to set up data-driven applications across GoGrid’s multi-data-center cloud.

John Keagy, CEO and founder of GoGrid said, “GoGrid’s high-performance cloud servers are perfect for database implementations across the globe.” Adding further, he said “And when you add GenieDB’s distributed model into the equation, you have a multi-data-center, replicated, scalable data architecture solution available from and across any of our locations worldwide.”

Presently, GoGrid is accepting applications from businesses interested in becoming a part of the “GenieDB for MySQL” trial, along with offering a $100 service credit to new customers to further facilitate them in this regard. For more information, GenieDB and the private beta trial, please visit

For further guidelines and information on how to claim your $100 service credit to start your GoCloud infrastructure, please visit

About GenieDB

GenieDB is a technology solution for enterprises that combines the best capabilities of SQL and NoSQL, allowing global scaling of existing applications without the hassle and cost involved of transforming the traditional database architecture. GenieDB also brings global scalability to the mainstream by radically simplifying the migration of enterprises into cloud-based infrastructures. Currently prevailing database technologies – SQL, NoSQL or otherwise  – are not sufficient to overcome the challenges faced by struggling enterprises as they attempt to scale their mission-critical applications globally. The patent-pending and groundbreaking hybrid approach of GenieDB automates and enhances data processing globally as well as across clouds, offering readily available and local database performance globally. At ‘Under The Radar and Oracle OpenWorld 2010’, GenieDB was pretty new, however it acquired recognition as a “Start-up to Watch” at Structure 2011. Visit for more information on GenieDB.

About GoGrid

GoGrid is the leading Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider with focus on Public Cloud and Private Cloud Infrastructure solutions. By serving thousands of customers worldwide, GoGrid simplifies complex infrastructure by allowing businesses to radically transform their IT environments with the cloud. In a matter of just a few minutes, GoGrid customers can manage their existing or new applications and other kinds of workload on its extremely secure and reliable hosted public cloud platform. GoGrid’s Public and Private Cloud grant full administrative control to developers, sysadmins, and IT professionals in creating, managing and controlling cloud environments and complicated server networks. GoGrid’s Private Cloud enables customers to utilize a privately hosted and managed, single-tenant environment without any capital expenditure, while the Partner Exchange offers users a continuously developing bionetwork of cloud solutions from GoGrid’s partner community. GoGrid has been consecutively recognized as a ‘Visionary’ by Gartner and a ‘Champion’ by Info-Tech Research Group in 2011 and 2012. Please visit: for further information.

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