May 28, 2024

Cisco & VMware Extend Partnership For Investment In Cloud Infrastructure

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Cisco made an announcement recently regarding investment in dedicated engineering teams and collaboration on integrations across VMware cloud infrastructure and management stacks linked to Cisco’s Data Center Networking and Fabric Computing Platforms.

This investment paves way towards the next level of collaboration that will assist the datacenter throughout the integration of virtual and physical infrastructure. Earlier this year, Cisco proposed to unleash a new set of expansion tools and seem to have successfully embarked upon the attempt to do so.

Executive Vice President of Cisco, Rob Lloyd said, “Cisco and VMware have delivered incredible value to customers seeking to accelerate the deployment of private and public clouds. The next-generation datacenter will enable customers to capture the value of VMware cloud hosted infrastructure and management stacks along with the next wave of Cisco innovations in hardware, ASICs, systems and network programmability to deliver unprecedented scalability, security, diagnostics and policy management. As the leader in networking, Cisco looks forward to continuing to lead the industry in partnership with VMware.”

This joint venture of Cisco and VMware is the first step towards unmatched integration of technology, and brings with it a completely new set of solutions aimed at improving computing and networking solutions, workload and workspace flexibility, along with ensuring end-to-end visibility and simplified troubleshooting. For a start, Cisco would resell VMware vCloud Suite 5.1, having improved interoperability with Cisco Nexus 1000V. This convergence between leading industries promises to significantly benefit customers utilizing VoIP, as well as businesses as a whole.

Cisco is renowned for its innovatory leadership, and is ready to revolutionize its operations in near future alongside VMware’s software-based virtualization and cloud infrastructure. As a matter of fact, the union of these two companies has resulted in many revolutionary products and solutions, including the simplification of network management with the Nexus 1000V, as well as the streamlining of the management of compute, storage access, networking and virtualization by Cisco’s Unified Computing System (UCS) – resulting in a reduction of CAPEX and OPEX as businesses expand their virtual and cloud infrastructures. And, the VBlock Infrastructure simplified the migration of workload to public and private clouds.

In 2012, Cisco and VMware’s worked together in providing a combined communications and alliance solution resulted in influencing VMware cloud infrastructure. With Cisco Wide Area Application Services and Unified Communications platforms, customers can easily migrate to a more accessible, engaging and mobile workspace environment in the post-PC era. In near future, Cisco will also be developing (UCS)-based cloud solutions comprising of Cisco virtual networking, virtual services, and management with VMware and VM Cloud Suite.

“The software-defined datacenter will deliver the next leap in software-based datacenter automation across server, storage and networking, but it requires equal hardware and systems-based innovation,” said Pat Gelsinger, Incoming Chief Executive Officer of VMware. “We are very excited to further our partnership with Cisco, the industry-leading innovator in networking, as we believe it will bring significant value to our joint customers through the integration of the VMware cloud infrastructure platform with Cisco’s intelligent network fabric.” The combination of various business VoIP solutions with the developments of Cisco and VMware set forth the foundation for unmatched technological communications and advancements.

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