May 30, 2024

CloudOpt Declares Partnership with RightScale

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Specialists in WAN optimization for the cloud, CloudOpt™, today declared its contract and partnership with RightScale®, which is known to be the best in cloud computing management. This partnership will help companies to considerably speed up the transfer of data between all RightScale supported clouds. It will also play a role in assisting customers to accelerate their data transfer time, while reducing the cost by as much as95%.

CloudOptimizer, contrary to traditional expensive methods for WAN optimization, is affordable, easy to deploy, secure and cloud friendly.

For companies awaiting a significant enhancement in cloud application access and data transfer, RightScale cloud management also provides CloudOptimizer ServerTemplate™ or RightScripts™ on RightScale.  Extenuating the effects of loquacious applications and protocols, CloudOptimizer diminishes the volume of data sent via CloudOpt’s Jetstream technology, comprising of de-duplication, compression, and application-specific optimizations. The utilization of CloudOptimizer in RightScale can substantially accelerate data transfer into and between clouds. It is mostly used to speed up cloud backup, archival, and database duplication to aid swift synchronization and updates.

The fastest and most well-organized platform for Internet domain management, Winged Media, offers another platform, Protrada, for purchasing, selling, and managing domain names.  CTO of Winged Media, Andrew Chinn said,  “delivering up-to-date information to our customers requires near real time synchronization across all of our databases. Using CloudOpt we reduced the amount of data transferred by 78% and synchronization was reduced to just a few minutes.”

Bailey Caldwell, Vice President of Business Development at RightScale reported, “given that 87 percent of compute power managed through RightScale comes from companies using multiple clouds. CloudOpt’s solution addresses a real need for our customers by reducing the time and quantity of data traveling between clouds, resulting in improvements to both performance and cost.”

Dave Burrow, CEO of CloudOpt said, “RightScale offers unique choice and portability across public and private clouds. CloudOpt’s data acceleration solution allows businesses to fully realize the cost and flexibility advantages of using multiple clouds.”

To speed up and protect cloud application access and data motion in the cloud, CloudOpt™ develops user friendly products that deliver virtualized network services. CloudOptimizer™ is a Cloud Network virtual application and software that reduce data transfer times and costs substantially. CloudOptimizer is easy to configure and install, and speeds up traffic for any client or server. CloudOpt carries out its operations in the Silicon Valley, Seattle, Northern Ireland, producing extensively compatible products with cloud providers including RightScale®, Amazon Web Services, and HP Cloud Services.

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