June 19, 2024

Connection Cloud To Become a Part of Sponsor Lineup For JasperWorld 2012, The Open Source BI Conference

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Connection Cloud, an innovative SaaS technology that allows real-time access to data in the cloud, recently publicized that it is going to become a part of the sponsor lineup at JasperWorld 2012, Jaspersoft’s yearly Business Intelligence (BI) conference. Roger Sippl, the lead architect and CEO of Connection Cloud, will be one of the featured speakers in the “BI Building in the Cloud” seminar, Tuesday, September 25, from 11:30 to 12:10 PM. JasperWorld will be held from September 24th to 26th at the Parc 55 Wyndham Hotel, San Francisco.

The “BI Building in the Cloud” seminar will discuss the role of SaaS and cloud technology in the development of innovative business intelligence applications in the cloud.

“With the advent of cloud-based data, enterprises wishing to execute business intelligence reports faced a new challenge, that of data being hidden behind many APIs. Connection Cloud’s advanced technology allows Jaspersoft users to access their SaaS data across one or more SaaS applications instantly, and in real-time, from where the data resides,” Sippl said in a statement.

“This was a process that formerly took weeks or months with traditional data integration tools,” he continued. “Now, Jaspersoft and Connection Cloud are unleashing the full power of SaaS data!”

JasperWorld is put together by Jaspersoft, which develops the most popular BI suite, worldwide. The conference is anticipated to lure more than 250 participants this year and will provide a wide range of opportunities to take part in one-on-ones with Jaspersoft’s product experts and have the most complex queries answered at the Expert Bar.

JasperWorld will have a number of interesting and stimulating topics, thought leaders, and actual success stories, which all focus on the problems and future avenues that BI professionals have ahead of them. The prominent events on the agenda include:

Big Data and BI – The Most Powerful Combo in the World

— General Session case study presented by Groupon

— Big Data Panel: BI Building in the Cloud, moderated by Edd Dumbill of O’Reilly Publications

— A Twitter Chat, hosted by Claudia Imhoff

— Practical Tips on Big Data Monetization

“We’re extremely excited for this year’s JasperWorld conference, and building on the momentum of last year’s conference, we’re anticipating a successful gathering of BI professionals and enthusiasts,” elaborated Brian Gentile, the CEO of Jaspersoft. “It’s clear that as big data and cloud computing have taken hold in the enterprise, there’s been a corresponding spike in interest in business intelligence. This will be a fantastic opportunity for BI builders of all levels of experience to come together and share best practices and opportunities for increased collaboration.”

About Jaspersoft

Jaspersoft offers a very reasonable, economical and widely deployed Business Intelligence (BI) suite, allowing improved decision-making through interactive reports, handy dashboards as well as diagnostics. Jaspersoft provides its clients with cloud support and assists them with large data and mobile deployments in order to effectively cater their needs of BI. Supporting a Community of over 275,000 members, Jaspersoft’s open source BI software has been downloaded over 16 million times. It has made more than 175,000 successful deployments, support 130,000 data-driven applications leveraging 15,000 customers. It is a private company and has branches all over the world. For more information, visit http://www.jaspersoft.com and http://www.jasperforge.org.

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