April 20, 2024

Datapipe and Newvem Join Forces

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Datapipe, a worldwide cloud computing provider and a manager of outsourced IT, has decided to team up with Newvem, a cloud analytics provider for Amazon Web Service (AWS) customers. The official news of the partnership came on 28th of November. With Datapipe’s managed AWS service coupled with Newvem’s cloud service analytics, customers of Datapipe will be able to have a one click access to Datapipe’s support system. The support system will provide information and recommendations regarding service availability. Datapipe’s cloud reports will now be powered by Newvem as a result of the new partnership.

The co-founder and CEO of Newvem, Zev Laderman told , “There is more to cloud usage than simply looking at costs, We have joined forces with Datapipe to provide their customers with new insights into cloud utilization and align AWS resources to better support business performance. Or simply put: increase agility, security, and ROI from the cloud.”
As a result of the linkup; CEOs, CIOs and CTOs of the organizations availing cloud services will be better able to grasp the technicalities of managed cloud services. Some aspects include:

  • Associated Costs—pertaining to the strategies associated to purchasing resource alternatives as well as understanding cost savings and capacity constraints.
  • Assets involved—keeping in consideration the usage analysis of the asset, recommendations of the upgrade will be available.
  • Risks associated—answers queries like how to avoid or nullify disruptions and how to design a high-availability support system.

Keeping in consideration the complexity of cloud-based operations, expert opinion and assistance are required at every stage to reap maximum rewards from the service. The Vice president of Cloud-based hosting strategies at Datapipe, Ed Laczynski explains, “The mission-critical solutions that our customers rely on us to run on cloud services like AWS, require persistent analysis and evaluation to ensure proper availability, resiliency, security, and governance. The Newvem partnership extends our ability to provide insight on the AWS environments and enables our customers to achieve an efficient, effective and secure cloud experience.”
All AWS customers managed by Datapipe will be able to get personalized and proprietary analysis on the current trends and patterns of AWS. Dashboard will also be able to provide information regarding:

  • Forecasted cost averages on daily basis
  • Per month Costs of usage
  • AWS EC2 instances
  • Average volume count of AWS EBS
  • Clusters of Security
  • ELBs count

The showcasing of Stratosphere®Cloud by Datapipe was at The Venetian, Las Vegas, from 27th to 28th November. Datapipe, which is an AWS re:Invent conference’s silver sponsor, was at booth number 412.


Newvem provides IT managers and DevOps opportunity to gain maximum profits by employing Cloud computing.  Analytical reports by Newvem help its customers to gain insight into related costs, risks and asset management of cloud computing.


Operating from, what are probably the most powerful financial and technical markets in the world, Silicon valley, Shanghai and London; Datapipe provides solutions to securing IT services and ways to manage them. More info can be found here: www.datapipe.com

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