March 4, 2024

EasyCloud and OpenMRS Announce Partnership

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OpenMRS, a software system platform and a reference application for building medical information and EasyCloud; a leader among the IT giants in IPSaaS Consumer Cloud technology have entered into a partnership for adopting and using cloud-based solutions to deliver better health information. This contract will enable OpenMRS to provide customized medical information using cloud with support from EasyCloud.

“I can’t tell you how delighted we are to partner with OpenMRS and their whole community. They’ve been doing some amazing things in advancing health medicine especially in developing countries. The demand for Electronic Medical Records and Health Information extends to all corners of our globe and the OpenMRS community is one of the most proven and powerful platforms available today,” said CEO, and founder of EasyCloud, Jared Rice.

Technological advancement has changed everything, whether it is something related to general lifestyle or very particular ranging from living, health, education, traveling in order to make life better and comfortable. This change has resulted in a better lifestyle. In such circumstances, it is pertinent for the health sector to take as much advantage as possible and ensure the supply of better health services. It is expected that this partnership will enhance the efficiency of the medical practitioners by providing immediate support and assistance to serve humanity.

“We’re looking forward to seeing your organization’s success. Our community appreciates the collaborative opportunity!” said Paul Biondich, the co-founder of OpenMRS.

“The recent changes in Medicare and Medicaid ‘meaningful use’ laws created a technological chasm for some small and medium practices here in the US. We wanted to partner with the best platform available in order to bring the best solution to those practices while at the same time offering all of the global users a more robust solution in the cloud.” Stanley Ford, VP of Product and founder of IPSaaS technology.

Considering the importance of this life saving system, the services of RackSpace, a specialist in providing cloud based solutions have been acquired to help build a separate and secure cloud for Electronic Health and Medical Records. This software is expected to extend its outreach across the globe where medical practitioners will be able to afford OpenMRS services.

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