June 17, 2024

European Customers Can Now Avail Cloud Based Database Thanks to Savvis

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European customers will now be able to access Savvis cloud based database called Savvis symphony. The announcement was made by Savvis on Thursday. Savvis is a cloud hosting provider and has already launched their services in North America, a year ago. Savvis paved their way to Europe by recently acquiring and opening a data center in Frankfurt, Germany. This announcement is made exactly one month later. According to Savvis, the rationale behind opening the Frankfurt datacenter was to acquiesce to continental European demand for its cloud managed services and colocation solutions.

Savvis’s first database platform was launched for North American customers last October and was met with positive feedbacks. The most salient feature that contributes to the success of Savvis Symphony database is that subscribers reap the benefit of cloud computing flexibility and cost effectiveness in Oracle or Microsoft SQL server environment. This architecture frees them from procuring long term licensing or server provisioning.

Symphony database has also the inherent ingredients which are staples of a secure and complete database solution. The cloud architecture ensures that database performance is directly proportional to business requirements; it can be scaled up or down as per need without interrupting business critical operations and activities. This is a much more flexible and performance assured hierarchy compared to hosted database solution.

“Savvis clients choose Symphony Database because its quick availability, pay-as-you-go model and instant scalability translates into reduced database expenses and complexity,” declared Neil Cresswell EMEA managing director at Savvis. “We bring Savvis’ mission-critical expertise to the Symphony Database, providing performance levels and availability on par with your traditional data center.” He added.

Savvis provides two hardware choices for its customers. Subscribers can either opt for Oracle Enterprise 11G RAC or Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R. Savvis datacenter located in Slough, UK will be the access point for European customers to avail Savvis Symphony database. This provision of database services to European clientele is a part of Savvis global expansion strategy. According to a recent report compiled by Savvis, majority of organizations are of the unanimous opinion that having on-premises IT infrastructure is a monetary waste. More than half the organizations regret their decision of doing so.

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