May 30, 2024


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In this modern era, most of us are using the computer on a daily basis, be it for work or for fun. We are using the computer to play video games and to browse the net, as well as sending emails and writing school assignments, but most of us are not aware of the nature and classifications of the application software that enables us to do so. While it is true that you can still use an application without understanding the technicalities behind it, being able to increase your knowledge on application software will make you a better computer user who are also more well-versed in technology in a world where a knowledge on it has become incredibly valuable.

Application software is, at its core, a program used to allow its users perform certain activities, depending on what the program is intended to do. Web browsers, true to their name, can be used to access the internet, whereas it is thanks to media players that we are able to watch movies or listen to our favorite songs from our computer. There is a practically endless amount of software out there, each serving its own individual purposes. Some software might come bundled with the computer you are using so that you are able to use it right off the bat, while others might be downloaded for free without you having to spend a single cent on it. This type of software is usually known as freeware, which is the opposite of commercial software which requires you to spend your money on them before you can actually install and download them. Nowadays, getting either a freeware or a commercial software has gotten way easier compared to how it used to be in the past, as you can easily purchase them straight from your computer and download them immediately without having to go out and purchase a CD containing the installation setup.

In general, there are many different subtypes of application software as well. Take, for instance, entertainment software which might include anything from a media player to video games to screen savers which, true to its name, are developed to give an entertainment value to its users. You might also be familiar with what is commonly known as an application suite, which is basically a bundle of software which, although each of the software are serving different purposes, generally have related functions and features. They are generally sold at a cheaper price compared to when you are purchasing the individual software one by one, but if you do not need to use most of the software in the bundle you might consider buying the programs individually instead.

There are also enterprise software which are generally not used by the usual consumers, but rather are used by organizations and businesses to help them run all their day-to-day management. The list of enterprise software include customer relationship management and enterprise resource planning systems, although there are many others which can be included in this category.

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