May 28, 2024

Granicus Introduces New Tools For Improved Citizen Participation

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Management practitioners have always highlighted the importance of citizen participation as a way of working with citizens to endorse democratic and self-governing standards like transparency, performance and accountability. Citizen or community participation at all levels is mandatory to bring change and encourage citizens to meet commitments.

In America, government sector organizations are showing great interest in online community participation. The credit goes to the Obama Administration’s push for transparent government as well as newly emerging cloud based technology. Government organizations are encouraging more and more interaction with its community and use their feedback for performance improvement.

Taking it into account, Granicus introduced new features for the government to gather information from the community and then examine it using Granicus’ Citizen Participation Suite. The company has been trying to convince the cloud computing at the government level for the past many years and is of the view that government departments can increase efficiency in a lesser cost, through online citizen partnership.

Granicus facilitates the government by offering cloud-based transparency tools to collect and analyze comments, responses and take necessary actions for enhanced performance.

New Features and Tools For Increased Citizen Participation

Granicus’ Citizen Participation Suite introduces new functions to support government sector organizations increase their performance. Comprehensive tools for improved collaboration and citizen participation have been designed in this regard. These include:

Examining Citizen’s Feedback — Using this tool, government organizations can easily evaluate the feedback received through geo-coding, word tags and demographic filters, which facilitate organizations, realize the important aspects in terms of their need and areas the information coming from etc. This feedback can then play an effective role in government’s decisions and setting their priorities.

Projects – The new project’s function brings three significant community participation tools into one single pack for government organizations to aware the general public about new projects it is initiating. It also helps in gathering community feedback via surveys, discussion forums, comment sharing and others for a new project.

eComment — Another distinctive feature added by Granicus in its community participation suite is eComment. This feature allows its users to request for community involvement in public meetings using a “Feedback” facility available on their weblinks. Citizens can review and comment on the agenda online before the meeting or even without showing their presence in the meetings. Existing users will also have this up gradation for free.

Explicit Engagement Required

In this world of competition where technology is helping everyone to take advantage by improving performance in a reduced cost, government sector organizations also need to use it for reducing extra cost and take decisions that best describe the citizen’s feedback.

Granicus’ public participation tools can surely help any government to collect and analyze community feedback for enhanced performance, restructuring citizen partnerships, managing how government can make better use of community feedback and comments with regard to projects, meetings agendas and other comments.

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