June 19, 2024

Green Tourism: Packing Your Bag To Malaysia

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Langkawi is one of the most romantic islands in Malaysia that is surrounded by numerous little islands, scattered about the sea. You can see the jungle, green rice plantations, monkeys and tourists. There is the beauty of beaches, hotels and good conditions to have active leisure (diving, yachting, snorkeling, fishing, golf, cycling) and interesting excursions. The rest is calm and relaxing. There are no crazy discos and promenades. Langkawi is the best place for naturalists. You can easily get there by car. Rental car services in Langkawi are very popular, especially if you want to get to the place of excursion fast.

To feel comfortable, you need to pack your bag in the right way to have the necessary equipment for living in nature. Green tourism becomes more popular way of travelling, especially for exotic places like Malaysia. Let’s pack your bag!

Elephant ride

RichStore Powerful Flash Light

Of course, tourists use many interesting equipment to make their life easier. It is all about smartphone, photo camera, back pack, special shoes and tent. What about the flash light? It is recommended to buy in the i-shop. It can help in the dark cave or labyrinth. It is also useful for under water travelling, especially if you are going to sleep in the open air for night fishing or something.

The powerful light is also useful for different occasions. It is better to choose the equipment of high power and quality. There are many budget variants that are recommended to use in everyday life for different reasons. There are also many lights of super power to read and do something at night. The flash lights from the RichStore are hard and easy to use. Of course, the price is not low.


Electrobikes are known as electronic bikes. This kind of transport looks like bike that is equipped with the power unit, or engine. The engine is electronic. This is the best decision for green tourists who take care of ecologic status and characteristics. For example, Eltreco produces many different kinds of ecologic transport. This is the optimal decision for travelling from one place to another for short distances. They are available for all ages and circumstances. The most of them are positively characterized:

Ecological compatibility, quietness: the noise of engine cannot make you feel badly and uncomfortable;
Cost effectiveness (electrical energy is cheaper than gas;
Easy to use: it is charging from the domestic socket or you can easily use the foot-powered mood;
Comfort and mobility;
High speed dynamic;
There are special flexible models that are easy to pack and transport in your car;
Reliable and long term of use;
You do not need special physical strength to ride bicycle;
Useful to get fit.

Sleeping inside Dharmashala

Sleeping Bag

There are many things that must be in the bag of real tourist. They give you an opportunity to feel comfortable and get pleasure from your vacation. Never forget about those things that you have to take with you for a good trip. If you forget something important you can worse the travelling situation and you will never come back to wild nature. To avoid this, you should start from the sleeping bag. There is nothing better than good sleep. So, sleeping bag is the prime necessity thing in your bag. You can use it in the country hotel or in the open air, as you want.

The most of green travellers use sleeping bags to live in the tent. The situations can be different. That is why bag producers make them maximum strong, soft and warm any season. You can sleep even on the ground. The sleeping bag of high quality gives you a reliable protection from cold, wind and rain. This is the just the thing you need.

Good Sleeping Bag

Sleeping bags are different in their forms, materials. There is a difference between winter and summer bags. The winter bags are made of warm materials with the additional fillers. The summer bags are more light and compact. The upper layer is specially developed to protect you from different weather caprices. It is very strong and solid. It is difficult to cut or break it into pieces. So, it does not matter what the weather is. Your sleeping bag can protect you and make your sleep safe and comfortable. The key features of the professional sleeping bag are:

Comfortable and effective fight against the wind;
Solid accessories;
Many layered material;
Wide choice of models and sizes for all seasons.

Professional tourists go travelling independent of weather and season. Of course, they need good healthy sleep. You can choose sleeping bag for your concrete situation. Having some questions about one or another sleeping bag, you can easily ask shop manager online. Anyway, professional consultation can help you.


Urban Scooter

Urban scooter is new nature friendly kind of transport that pushes out bicycles, scooters, motorbikes and even cars. This kind of transport is easy to use to be popular all over the world. The choice of scooters is wide. You can find models of different colors, forms, brands and power. What is the principle of its work? Urban Scooter is equipped with powerful lights that give you an opportunity to drive your machine at night. You can meet people driving their scooters in the park, stadiums. Many tourists take their scooters for travelling. This is electric and nature friendly kind of transport.

Jungle never sleeps

Never forget a new swimming suit. As a rule, if you are going to travel to Malaysia, you should get some training to get fit and buy new swimming suit. Of course, you want your swimming suit to be high fashion and maximum comfortable to use it in the mountain river or jungle lake. You can find specialized i-shop and chose the swimming suit of your size, color and interesting material. Pay attention to Bikini and Fani. You can also choose something of European brands that are lux, chic and glamorous, but natural and delicate for your skin. What else do you want to put in your back pack?

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