July 17, 2024

11 Benefits Of A Cloud Based Knowledgebase

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There are different knowledge bases out there, and all of them were designed with the same goal in mind – make jobs all over the world easier. However, not all of the knowledge bases are cloud-based, some are simply open source, and some can be a desktop tool that is installed on a computer.

In the following article we will going to discuss why you should opt for a cloud-based knowledge base. To be precise, we will discuss some of the major benefits you can expect from this type of knowledge base, should you opt for it.

Lower startup cost

Well, for starters, there is no software you need to purchase, so it is only reasonable that a cloud-based knowledge base, like LMS for example, has lower initial cost. This is actually ideal, if you don’t want to invest tons of cash into a custom made knowledge base management software, you can go with a cloud-based solution, since it is budget friendly. There are a lot more benefits to it, of course, so don’t think that this cheaper solution lacks in quality.

More storage space

The reason why a cloud-based knowledge base software is a life saver, is because it allows you to store large portions of data online. In other words, your computer’s hard drive will be unburdened, and this will, in the long run, save you money on the equipment in the office.

The more you spare your hard drive, the longer it will last, especially if you have made a switch to a solid state drive. Plus, with so much free space your equipment will run smoother and faster.

Global management

Cloud-based solutions allow you to have better management over your data, since all you need to do is be connected to its central service. Therefore, regardless of your location, you can easily check something, or fetch an important piece of data. It is a kind of feature that allows you to have greater control of your assets and it will be helpful, during important decision making, considering how easily you can fetch the relevant information.

Great integration features

Newer versions of cloud-based apps were improved with many integration capabilities, which also include on-premises directory services, and cloud-based organized directory services. This is a great way to secure on-premises data by integrating it with a cloud-based knowledge base management system.

More flexibility in terms of collaboration

Due to its global management feature, cloud-based solutions will add a lot of flexibility in terms of collaboration. If your team uses knowledge base management software, they can work from anywhere, as long as they have internet connection and login credentials. This is really going to come in handy if some of your employees can’t come to work due to road blocks, or if they are on a trip. They can still access the data they need, and they can collaborate with their teammates.

Data security

One of the reasons why most people opt for cloud-based solutions is because of the security it offers. Your data is encrypted, therefore, it is going to be extremely hard to steal it. For any business that guards its design or software secrets, this kind of encryption can really come in handy. Furthermore, it is a type of encryption that eliminates the need for numerous firewalls, which means it won’t hinder your accessibility to the data in any way.

Data recovery

Whenever you are working on something important, you need back up files. Like it was said, cloud-based knowledge management software offers you a lot of additional space and a lot of security. In other words, cloud-based storage is a perfect place to keep your backup data far more secure than your hard drive.

Data accessibility

Data accessibility is another reason why users love these solutions. The database is easily accessed and you can fetch any document uploaded with a short search. You can also categorize and organize your data in many different ways, and also, if needed, limit the access to more sensitive data.

User friendly design

What any knowledge base management system must have, is a user-friendly design. This allows the users to immediately start working with the software, without any training that they would need to undergo. Of course, there is a quick tutorial just to be sure, but most of the users who use computers can figure it out quite intuitively. After one day, your whole team should be able to fully utilize the features cloud-based tools.

Easy upgrades

Every program improves and must undergo upgrades which take time. Cloud-based tools also improves, but these upgrades are easy and swift, so they won’t hinder any of your time-sensitive projects. After all, if the management system hinders your workflow in any way, then it is not living up to its purpose, and cloud-based solutions will ensure you have a superior workflow.

Fast deployment

Finally, cloud-based knowledge management software has really fast deployment. You will not have to wait for countless installs and updates, you simply purchase the tool and start working with it shortly afterwards.

As you can see, these are all really good benefits. Any small, medium or large business could put cloud-based tools to good use and improve their organization. It is a good place to store your data because it is secure, it has a vast storage and you can easily access it from anywhere.

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